blood clotting

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blood clot

A semisolid gelatinous mass of coagulated blood that consists of red blood cells, white blood cells, and platelets entrapped in a fibrin network.

blood clotting n.
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Noun1.blood clotting - a process in which liquid blood is changed into a semisolid mass (a blood clot)
clotting, coagulation, curdling - the process of forming semisolid lumps in a liquid
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University of Illinois biochemistry professor James Morrissey, who led the study with chemistry professor Chad Rienstra and biochemistry, biophysics and pharmacology professor Emad Tajkhorshid report that they are the first to describe in atomic detail a chemical interaction that is vital to blood clotting.
THE risk of suffering from fatal blood clotting during a flight, or 'economy class' syndrome, is greater than first thought, a new report claimed today.
Two decades ago, Folts was among the first to show - first in animals and later in people - that aspirin is good for the heart because it slows blood clotting.
The scientific and medical communities believe such methodology may enable clinicians to better understand the complete blood clotting process in a patient.
Pradaxa will be offered to patients who have had a hip or knee replaced where the risk of blood clotting is high.
A new international study, however, indicates that a drug that speeds blood clotting can reduce death and disability after a bleeding stroke, provided that the person is treated promptly.