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Noun1.blood profile - counting the number of white and red blood cells and the number of platelets in 1 cubic millimeter of blood
blood count - the act of estimating the number of red and white corpuscles in a blood sample
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The effect replacing soybean meal with a silkworm meal on the production performance parameters, blood profile and carcass traits was analyzed according to General Linear Model (GLM) procedure of Statistical Analysis System (SAS, 2009).
Each pen was considered an experimental unit in measuring growth performance and an individual pig was used as a unit for data on blood profile, pork quality and carcass traits.
Her blood profile is normal and she doesn't take maintenance medicines,' says Tweetie.
When he ordered a blood profile he found the iron levels were extremely elevated.
The blood profile of neonate 520 provided a plethora of evidence that this individual was in very poor condition, likely moribund prior to capture, an assessment and prognosis not possible simply from physical examination in the field or during laboratory necropsy.
Blood profile indicated hemoconcentration (hematocrit 0.
Now, in its response to the House of Commons culture, media and sport (CMS) select committee, the IAAF said there were innocent reasons for the values in her blood profile.
The method -- a metabolic blood profile -- is still in the early stages but over time the scientists expect it could be used to predict breast cancer and more generally to predict chronic disease.
A chemical blood profile and a complete blood cell count will also be performed.
Other tests that will be ordered by your veterinarian are blood analyses ( to determine whether blood platelets are normal), a chemical blood profile, a complete blood count, a urinalysis, and tests to determine whether there is a bonemarrow disease.
The Cohen Lifestyle Program is a rapid weight-loss solution through nutrition based on a person's unique blood profile.