blood relative

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Noun1.blood relative - one related by blood or origin; especially on sharing an ancestor with another
relative, relation - a person related by blood or marriage; "police are searching for relatives of the deceased"; "he has distant relations back in New Jersey"
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On account of his father's death it is to be a very quiet affair--only blood relatives.
e does not leave a Will) and either has no spouse, civil partner or blood relative or none who can be easily traced, the estate both moveable and heritable (i.
From the moment a school bully first blurted out to Anne that she was adopted, she longed to find a blood relative who she would feel was part of her family.
To be a living donor, you must be a blood relative and, for liver transplants, have the same blood type.
I related a case where someone close to me, a blood relative, in fact, did just that.
Now the blood relative has been allowed to become guarantor, she added.
It may be appropriate for a woman to meet with a genetics expert if: she or a close relative has had breast or ovarian cancer; a male relative has had breast cancer; any blood relative was diagnosed with breast cancer before age 50; a relative has had triple negative breast cancer; a blood relative has a BRCA 1 or 2 mutation, or other mutation known to increase breast cancer risk.
But the girl's sister insisted DNA tests will prove she is their blood relative.
Interpol will make its DNA Gateway available to any member country whose law enforcement agency has been provided with the profile of someone claiming to be a blood relative of the unknown child," the agency said in a statement.
In Japan, even if you don't have a blood relative, you can rent a middle-aged guy to hang out with you.
Though Brown's wife Whitney Houston treated Gordon as a son, he is not a blood relative and has never been formally adopted.
Using real-time polymerase chain reaction, the authors measured blood relative mtDNAcn in 341 individuals selected from various occupational groups with low-level benzene exposures (> 100 times lower than the Occupational Safety and Health Administration/European Union standards) and in 178 referents from three Italian cities (Genoa, Milan, and Cagliari).