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Adj.1.blood-filled - containing blood; "the blood-filled centers of arteries and veins"
bloody - having or covered with or accompanied by blood; "a bloody nose"; "your scarf is all bloody"; "the effects will be violent and probably bloody"; "a bloody fight"
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recently I to jack it all blood-filled down my thought to one should put up "I have been punched at, spat at and even had someone threaten to go after my children and rape my wife," he said.
The patented technology, which was granted FDA approval in July 2015, could make long needles and blood-filled vials obsolete.
Histopathology revealed blood-filled space lined with a single layer of endothelium consistent with a blood cyst.
For a place known to be war-torn, with blood-filled conflicts taking place every day, the astronauts at ISS wanted to show the world exactly how peaceful we looked from up there on a day that is all about peace, a time that is about anything but.
1) These are large, endothelial-lined, blood-filled cavities, (2) with unknown etiology.
Using a lasso, she rounds up her reindeer, with many currently sporting blood-filled, furry summer horns.
The blood-filled production is truly gripping and at times desperately bleak.
An Irish Sunday Mirror undercover team spent two hours in the district this week and during that short spell our reporters witnessed shocking scenes which included: Dealers, including one in a wheelchair, selling drugs openly Addicts injecting themselves in alleys Dozens of discarded blood-filled syringes strewn across Temple Bar's iconic cobblestones, and Human faeces in the doorways of several shops.
The vicious lowlife stabbed a teenage staff member in the arm with a blood-filled syringeduring the raid in Wicklow town on Friday night.
This is the first time in scientific history that a blood-filled fossilised mosquito has been unearthed.