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Causing great horror; terrifying.

blood′cur′dling·ly adv.


terrifying; horrifying
ˈbloodˌcurdlingly adv


(ˈblʌdˌkɜrd lɪŋ, -ˌkɜr dl ɪŋ)

arousing terror.
blood′cur`dler, n.
blood′cur`dling•ly, adv.
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Adj.1.bloodcurdling - extremely alarming
alarming - frightening because of an awareness of danger


Causing great horror:
مُفْزِعٌ، مُرَوِّعٌ


[ˈblʌdˌkɜːdlɪŋ] ADJespeluznante


[ˈblʌdkɜːrdlɪŋ] adj [cry] → à vous glacer le sangblood disorder nmaladie f du sangblood donor ndonneur/euse m/f de sangblood feud n (= vendetta) → vendetta mblood flow ncirculation f sanguine
blood flow to the feet → l'afflux de sang aux piedsblood group ngroupe m sanguinblood heat ntempérature f du sang


[ˈblʌdˌkɜːdlɪŋ] adjraccapricciante, da far gelare il sangue


(blad) noun
1. the red fluid pumped through the body by the heart. Blood poured from the wound in his side.
2. descent or ancestors. He is of royal blood.
ˈbloodless adjective
1. without the shedding of blood. a bloodless victory.
2. anaemic. She is definitely bloodless.
ˈbloody adjective
1. stained with blood. a bloody shirt; His clothes were torn and bloody.
2. bleeding. a bloody nose.
3. murderous and cruel. a bloody battle.
4. used in slang vulgarly for emphasis. That bloody car ran over my foot!
ˈbloodcurdling adjective
terrifying and horrible. a blood-curdling scream.
blood donor
a person who gives blood for use by another person in transfusion etc.
blood group/type
any one of the types into which human blood is classified. Her blood group is O.
ˈblood-poisoning noun
an infection of the blood. He is suffering from blood-poisoning.
blood pressure
the (amount of) pressure of the blood on the walls of the blood-vessels. The excitement will raise his blood pressure.
ˈbloodshed noun
deaths or shedding of blood. There was much bloodshed in the battle.
ˈbloodshot adjective
(of eyes) full of red lines and inflamed with blood.
ˈbloodstained adjective
stained with blood. a bloodstained bandage.
ˈbloodstream noun
the blood flowing through the body. The poison entered her bloodstream.
ˈblood test noun
an analysis of a patient's blood to find out if he/she has any diseases. etc.
ˈbloodthirsty adjective
1. eager to kill people. a bloodthirsty warrior.
2. (of a film etc) full of scenes in which there is much killing.
ˈbloodthirstiness noun
ˈblood transfusion noun
the process of giving blood to someone through the veins during an operation etc.
ˈblood-vessel noun
any of the tubes in the body through which the blood flows. He has burst a blood-vessel.
in cold blood
while free from excitement or passion. He killed his son in cold blood.
References in classic literature ?
As his antagonist came roaring toward him, Lord Greystoke tore his long knife from its sheath, and with an answering challenge as horrid and bloodcurdling as that of the beast he faced, rushed swiftly to meet the attack.
st] November 2015, Travelworld Motorhomes is marking Halloween 2015 with a bloodcurdling bang as it reveals some of the most sought-after models in 2016, as well as a feast of spooky treats for its visitors.
The boy heard the sound of something being whacked, along with bloodcurdling shrieks.
rd] annual world renowned event, Knott's Scary Farm, returns for24 horrifying nights September 24 -- October 31 and conjures up never before seen experiences and show-stopping entertainment including three new bloodcurdling mazes,Elvira , Mistress of the Dark, in an all-new stage show and the return of the groundbreakingSpecial Ops: Infected -- Patient Zero .
I find myself in the unusual position of supporting the royal family of England, in celebrating their Germanic roots, and as a true Welshman can for the first time (and hopefully last) utter the bloodcurdling term "Ich Dien".
After an accident they are on a dark and lonely country road listening to bloodcurdling noises from deep within the nearby woods.
The crime writing festival makes its official debut at the Lit & Phil on the May 2-3 weekend, with a packed programme including bloodcurdling talks and murderous walks.
Before addressing today's formal agenda, I would like to say a few words about the bloodcurdling attack today in Pakistan.
When she visited me and saw the lack of scales, she gave out a bloodcurdling horror movie scream.
THE bloodcurdling screams and the tormented cries for help can only mean One Born Every Minute is back for a new series.
Now her family has broken silence over her murder, claiming they beseeched her to go away from her bloodcurdling and unsafe homeland, which has reported 70 killings since the start of 2014 before her dreadful death.
Find out more about the bloodcurdling techniques of medieval medicine from the Barber Surgeon.