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But even though one might, like Heiden, reasonably ascribe bloodguilt to Oedipus, no one in the play and its system of judgment does so; nor is such pollution even assigned in Oedipus at Colonus.
6) Though given the role of absolving Israel of bloodguilt (Deut21:1-9; 19:8-13), the religious leaders are no longer able to fulfill such a role because of their own bloodguilt (21:33-45; 23:29-36).
Even if a civil society were to dissolve itself by common agreement of all its members (for example, if the people inhabiting an island decided to separate and disperse themselves around the world), the last murderer remaining in prison must first be executed, so that everyone will duly receive what his actions are worth and so that the bloodguilt thereof will not be fixed on the people because they failed to insist on carrying out the punishment; for if they fail to do so, they may be regarded as accomplices in this public violation of legal justice.