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adj. blood·i·er, blood·i·est
1. Stained with blood.
2. Of, characteristic of, or containing blood.
3. Accompanied by or giving rise to bloodshed: a bloody fight.
4. Bloodthirsty.
5. Suggesting the color of blood; blood-red.
6. Chiefly British Slang Used as an intensive: "Everyone wants to have a convict in his bloody family tree" (Robert Hughes).
Chiefly British Slang Used as an intensive: bloody well right.
tr.v. blood·ied, blood·y·ing, blood·ies
1. To stain, spot, or color with or as if with blood.
2. To make bleed, as by injuring or wounding: The troops were bloodied in the skirmish.

blood′i·ly adv.
blood′i·ness n.


1. stained with or covered in blood
2. bloodied but unbowed wounded but not defeated
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By night's end, she lay broken, bloodied and dead in the street.
Kristina O'Donnelly author of "The Bloodied Roots of the Struggle" provides provocative insight to the Struggle Between the Turks and the Kurds.
Fr Edward Daly, 73, was pushed into the limelight when images of him clasping a bloodied handkerchief while tending to the dying in Derry were beamed around the world.