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A motor vehicle equipped for collecting blood from donors.


(Medicine) US a motor vehicle equipped for collecting blood from donors


(ˈblʌd məˌbil)

a small truck with medical equipment for receiving blood donations.
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Noun1.bloodmobile - a motor vehicle equipped to collect blood donations
automotive vehicle, motor vehicle - a self-propelled wheeled vehicle that does not run on rails
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To raise awareness and support for all those affected by the various types of blood cancer, the governor will also host an American Red Cross blood drive and bone marrow registry at the State House onSeptember 15 World Lymphoma Day where a Bloodmobile will be set up to take donations.
The nonprofit organization is in the midst of a campaign to raise $400,000 to buy a new bloodmobile and refurbish the current one.
AGI delivered a bloodmobile to the country of Bahrain that will bring awareness for the desperate need of blood donations.
Donors who currently give blood at a mobile donation vehicle - known as a bloodmobile - at company premises could be asked to donate elsewhere from the spring.
An email from the organisation to a bloodmobile host company says the decision has been taken to make the organisation "more cost effective so resources can be redistributed to frontline NHS services.
Inge's hobbies included sewing and gardening and volunteering countless hours with the American Red Cross Bloodmobile and Meals-on-Wheels programs.
Parked behind the train station was the first bloodmobile of Childrens Hospital Los Angeles -- named the Maxmobile in memory of the Buelows' 11-year-old son, Max, who died of cancer last year.
In a funny twist of fate, though, husband Chris ended up in a bloodmobile at his workplace.
She inspected the Bloodmobile, an eight-bed, mobile blood donation centre, constructed and maintained by Browns.
Tuesday: Bloodmobile at Ponteland Memorial Hall, Darras Road, Ponteland, 10am to noon/1.
Last year, the bloodmobile at Origlio Beverage collected 34 pints of blood in one morning.
Some 30,000 units of blood have been collected over the past 15 months since the Welsh Blood Service started holding bloodmobile sessions at supermarkets across the region.