bloody shirt

blood′y shirt′

a bloodstained shirt or other powerful symbol used to incite people to vengeance.
References in classic literature ?
The bloody shirt and handkerchief confirmed the idea suggested by the bullet; for the blood on examination proved to be capital claret, and no more.
He added that he had given police his ripped and bloody shirt but when prosecutors asked for it, they were told it was lost.
Clyde's bloody shirt, his hat with a hole in it and two of their guns were sold.
It was unexpected to go home with a bloody shirt but I wasn't bothered at all.
In addition to receiving reports that shots had been fired, investigators found blood in the apartment's entryway and learned from a nearby resident that a man with a bloody shirt had been seen in the area.
But his wound reopened and he had to change his bloody shirt three times.
Mohamed Hassan Awed, one of the injured, spoke at the press conference, wearing a bloody shirt as he relayed his testimony.
However, he then saw Mr Kuduali walking down the staircase with a bloody shirt, followed by the defendant holding a knife.
From bloody shirt to full dinner pail; the transformation of politics and governance in the Gilded Age.
Ahmad Batebi, who was arrested 10 years ago when he appeared on the cover of The Economist waving a bloody shirt during a protest, is now living in exile in the United States and serves as a spokesman for Human Rights Activists in Iran.
Families gathered after Abdi Ipekci's daughter Nukhet Ipekci appeared on TV with his father's bloody shirt.
Covering his bloody shirt with his jacket, Robinson was willing to still continue on to Jacksonville and conduct the deposition.