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blot 1

1. A spot or a stain caused by a discoloring substance: a blot of paint.
2. An association of disgrace with one's character or reputation. See Synonyms at stain.
a. A laboratory technique, such as a Southern blot analysis, that involves electrophoretically separating proteins or nucleic acids and transferring them to a membrane.
b. The membrane onto which these proteins or nucleic acids have been transferred.
v. blot·ted, blot·ting, blots
1. To soak up or dry with absorbent material. Often used with up: blotted the spill with a napkin; used a rag to blot up the paint.
a. To make obscure or invisible; hide. Often used with out: clouds blotting out the moon.
b. To render invisible or unreadable by marking; obliterate. Often used with out: blotted out the names with a pen.
c. To remove or block from personal memory or public remembrance. Often used with out: "His death in the hour of victory blotted out his failings and left a heroic memory" (N.A.M. Rodger).
3. To spot or stain, as with a discoloring substance: Grass stains blotted the knees of his pants.
4. To bring moral disgrace to: an incident that blotted the senator's reputation.
1. To spill or spread in a spot or stain.
2. To become blotted, soaked up, or absorbed.

[Middle English.]

blot 2

1. Games An exposed piece in backgammon.
2. Archaic A weak point.

[Possibly from Low German blat, naked, unprotected.]


(Biochemistry) biochem another name for blot analysis


blotting pad
blotting paper
nLöschpapier nt
References in classic literature ?
There is more sand there than you would use in twenty years as a substitute for blotting paper.
After severely comparing one with another, and making entries on the tablets, and blotting them out, and counting all the fingers of her left hand over and over again, backwards and forwards, she would be so vexed and discouraged, and would look so unhappy, that it gave me pain to see her bright face clouded - and for me
Dinner over, we produced a bundle of pens, a copious supply of ink, and a goodly show of writing and blotting paper.
That which is with you in Spaceland an unmixed evil, blotting out the landscape, depressing the spirits, and enfeebling the health, is by us recognized as a blessing scarcely inferior to air itself, and as the Nurse of arts and Parent of sciences.
Then through an open doorway beyond, in the dim light of the shadow, I saw something bound painfully upon a framework, scarred, red, and bandaged; and then blotting this out appeared the face of old Moreau, white and terrible.
By midnight the blazing trees along the slopes of Rich- mond Park and the glare of Kingston Hill threw their light upon a network of black smoke, blotting out the whole valley of the Thames and extending as far as the eye could reach.
THOU wast never afraid of ME, Little Frog," said Mother Wolf, backing into the high grass, and blotting herself out, as she knew how.
Of all who hail thy presence as the morning -- Of all to whom thine absence is the night -- The blotting utterly from out high heaven The sacred sun -- of all who, weeping, bless thee Hourly for hope- for life -- ah
An hour's complete leisure for such reflections as these, on a dark November day, a small thick rain almost blotting out the very few objects ever to be discerned from the windows, was enough to make the sound of Lady Russell's carriage exceedingly welcome; and yet, though desirous to be gone, she could not quit the Mansion House, or look an adieu to the Cottage, with its black, dripping and comfortless veranda, or even notice through the misty glasses the last humble tenements of the village, without a saddened heart.
Intense mental concentration has a curious way of blotting out what has passed.
If he can draw, he will draw absent-mindedly on blotting paper.
And at midnight we see the theatre break up and discharge its swarm of hilarious youth and beauty; we hear the cries of the hackman-gondoliers, and behold the struggling crowd jump aboard, and the black multitude of boats go skimming down the moonlit avenues; we see them separate here and there, and disappear up divergent streets; we hear the faint sounds of laughter and of shouted farewells floating up out of the distance; and then, the strange pageant being gone, we have lonely stretches of glittering water --of stately buildings--of blotting shadows--of weird stone faces creeping into the moonlight--of deserted bridges--of motionless boats at anchor.