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blot 1

1. A spot or a stain caused by a discoloring substance: a blot of paint.
2. An association of disgrace with one's character or reputation. See Synonyms at stain.
a. A laboratory technique, such as a Southern blot analysis, that involves electrophoretically separating proteins or nucleic acids and transferring them to a membrane.
b. The membrane onto which these proteins or nucleic acids have been transferred.
v. blot·ted, blot·ting, blots
1. To soak up or dry with absorbent material. Often used with up: blotted the spill with a napkin; used a rag to blot up the paint.
a. To make obscure or invisible; hide. Often used with out: clouds blotting out the moon.
b. To render invisible or unreadable by marking; obliterate. Often used with out: blotted out the names with a pen.
c. To remove or block from personal memory or public remembrance. Often used with out: "His death in the hour of victory blotted out his failings and left a heroic memory" (N.A.M. Rodger).
3. To spot or stain, as with a discoloring substance: Grass stains blotted the knees of his pants.
4. To bring moral disgrace to: an incident that blotted the senator's reputation.
1. To spill or spread in a spot or stain.
2. To become blotted, soaked up, or absorbed.

[Middle English.]

blot 2

1. Games An exposed piece in backgammon.
2. Archaic A weak point.

[Possibly from Low German blat, naked, unprotected.]


(Biochemistry) biochem another name for blot analysis


blotting pad
blotting paper
nLöschpapier nt
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Had the doctor been composing poetry and blotting it in a violent hurry?
Of all who hail thy presence as the morning -- Of all to whom thine absence is the night -- The blotting utterly from out high heaven The sacred sun -- of all who, weeping, bless thee Hourly for hope- for life -- ah
There is more sand there than you would use in twenty years as a substitute for blotting paper.
Western blotting, also known as protein blotting or immunoblotting, is a technique under molecular biology that is used to detect and analyze proteins.
A correlation analysis of data from phospho-flow cytometry and Western blotting was performed.
GE Healthcare Life Sciences today launched Amersham WB system, a fully integrated system for quantitative SDS-PAGE and Western blotting of proteins using fluorescence detection.
Trample it, placing a folded towel under the rug and blotting firmly (stand on it and stomp) to remove as much liquid as possible.
In the comments following the op-ed, one reader wrote "I'd like to see western blotting follow its northern cousin into oblivion.
Guy or gal, blotting papers are the nifty way to absorb excess oil on the face.
Efficient and consistent blotting of proteins from polyacrylamide gels onto membranes is crucial for a successful western analysis.
Therefore, college molecular biology instructors frequently cover Southern blotting, as well as the related, and humorously named, "Northern" blot, where RNA is detected in a similar fashion (Alwine et al.
Start by blotting the area with a clean white cloth to absorb all the liquid you can.