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intr.v. blo·vi·at·ed, blo·vi·at·ing, blo·vi·ates Slang
To discourse at length in a pompous or boastful manner: "the rural Babbitt who bloviates about 'progress' and 'growth'" (George Rebeck).

[Mock-Latinate formation, from blow.]

blo′vi·a′tion n.


US a lengthy but insubstantial speech
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But it is a particular kind of entertainment, not just nutty bloviation.
Today's cable TV news shows and Internet are consumed by bloviation concerning the possible dangers to national security from a brief lapse in the National Security Agency's "legal authority" to monitor and analyze every American's telephone use, due to congressional failure to renew the Patriot Act.
And to top it off, during one single visit to NH, his bloviation includes the following:
Never part of the cloth-cap crowd of workers, these ex-radicals, keen for the latest theoretical divertissement, are adept at giving encouragement to their students and peers for "dissent" through terse but pregnant commentaries about the corporate assault on higher education but such impious outlawry on the part of the opposition is more bluster and bloviation than substance.
Yet we might also view Stevens's bloviation as performing an important service that extends beyond propaganda or didacticism in the narrative.
Thus, the question arises (282-4): are these "arguments" included merely because topoi were historical ingredients of fluffy bloviation for the (m)asses that Thucydides' Athenian "realists" at Melos and Sparta chose to wipe off the table (5.
For Image, that means the blog on our website is a kind of un-blog--not 200-word blurts of bloviation but 800-word meditations.
Assuming anyone is remotely serious about cleaning up TV's noxious cloud of erroneous bloviation, the operation would have to start with the major networks and cable channels.
That's a disguised double insult: it reminds the discerning ear of Clinton's characteristic bloviation, and then of his political failings (when you see Clinton, you're reminded why the Democrats need Obama).
To wit: We have heard no end of outrage and other forms of bloviation regarding how the seniors of America are being taken to the cleaners by untold hordes of nefarious annuity peddlers who supposedly are seducing America's elders by dangling a free meal in front of them.