blow dryer

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tr.v. blow-dried, blow-dry·ing, blow-dries
To dry and often style (hair) with a handheld dryer.

blow dryer n.
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Noun1.blow dryer - a hand-held electric blower that can blow warm air onto the hairblow dryer - a hand-held electric blower that can blow warm air onto the hair; used for styling hair
blower - a device that produces a current of air
dryer, drier - an appliance that removes moisture
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Move-In Ready/Fully Furnished - Full Service Salon with 10 Stations (expandable), Blow Dry Bar-4 Stations, Nail Center (Manicure-3 Stations/Pedicure-4 Stations), 3 Wash Sinks, 2 Blow Dryer Stations, Large Break Room, Coloring Room, 2 Storage Rooms, Washer/Dry Room.
The Body Dryer isn't designed to dry your hair, so some people might still want to keep a towel or blow dryer handy.
By contrast, when using a blow dryer and a hairfree brush , the heat is transferred from the outside in.
I wash it every day and use a blow dryer and straighteners to keep it looking as good as I can get it.
Move the blow dryer back and forth over the crayons.
The group presented the owners with six months worth of Matrix professional products to help them regain their business momentum, an Elchim blow dryer for each stylist and an assortment of product samples for clients.
For a tough stain like iS nk, use a cotton swab dipped in rubbing alcohol and then rinse with cold water and a cloth, immediately dry the area with a blow dryer on a low setting.
Time to get out the super glue and the blow dryer, we think .
A second line focuses on college students and includes the BlowOut straightening blow dryer and the CurlEnvy body blow dryer, each coming with styling tools and a styling guidebook.
She stormed: "Big Brother I'm not being funny, the hair straighteners - someone has f***ing taken them and put them somewhere on purpose 'cos they know I can't go under the blow dryer 'cos it gives me migraines.
The bonnet dryer, handheld blow dryer, and wall-mounted dryer killed 10, 55, and 62 percent of the lice, respectively, says Dale H.
Pamper your pooch with the new Morphy Richards pets' handheld vacuum cleaner and blow dryer.