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1. An explosion.
a. An outburst of temper.
b. An angry argument or confrontation: a blowup between the administration and the faculty.
3. A photographic enlargement.



1. an explosion.
2. a violent argument, outburst of temper, or the like, esp. one resulting in estrangement.
3. Also, blow′-up`. an enlargement of a photograph.
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Noun1.blowup - a violent release of energy caused by a chemical or nuclear reactionblowup - a violent release of energy caused by a chemical or nuclear reaction
discharge - the sudden giving off of energy
airburst - an explosion in the atmosphere
blast - an explosion (as of dynamite)
backfire - a loud noise made by the explosion of fuel in the manifold or exhaust of an internal combustion engine
big bang - (cosmology) the cosmic explosion that is hypothesized to have marked the origin of the universe
backfire, blowback - the backward escape of gases and unburned gunpowder after a gun is fired
fragmentation - the scattering of bomb fragments after the bomb explodes
inflation - (cosmology) a brief exponential expansion of the universe (faster than the speed of light) postulated to have occurred shortly after the big bang
2.blowup - an unrestrained expression of emotion
expression, reflexion, reflection, manifestation - expression without words; "tears are an expression of grief"; "the pulse is a reflection of the heart's condition"
acting out - a (usually irritating) impulsive and uncontrollable outburst by a problem child or a neurotic adult
cry - a fit of weeping; "had a good cry"
explosion - a sudden outburst; "an explosion of laughter"; "an explosion of rage"
flare - a sudden outburst of emotion; "she felt a flare of delight"; "she could not control her flare of rage"
3.blowup - a photographic print that has been enlarged
photo, photograph, pic, exposure, picture - a representation of a person or scene in the form of a print or transparent slide; recorded by a camera on light-sensitive material


1. A violent release of confined energy, usually accompanied by a loud sound and shock waves:
2. A sudden violent expression, as of emotion:
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Tenders are invited for existing demolition site plan; ninth street improvement plan and profile sheet 20 scale; street pavement data chart/striping and signage plan; street sections; detail sheet blowup design of each of the three curb returns, blowup design of street lateral crossing improvements on each side the two (2) crossgutters, sanitary sewerdetail at iid underground canal, sanitary sewer lateral detail per city standard.
In this section, we will discuss upper bound for the blowup time under some appropriate hypotheses and show Theorem 3.
On this week's edition of WFAA-TV's Inside Texas Politics, host Jason Whitely, the Fort Worth Star-Telegram's Bud Kennedy and Tribune Executive Editor Ross Ramsey talk about last week's "breakfast blowup," when a weekly meeting attended by Gov.
At the 2012 World Series of Poker Europe Main Event, a classic blowup situation unfolded in a hand between Curt Kohlberg and Phil Hellmuth.
The 'Wrecking Ball' singer, who wore a sequined bra, underwear and monochrome furry chaps, appeared sobbing in a video that was posted by blogger Perez Hilton and he captioned the video, 'Miley gets emotional singing to a huge blowup of her recently deceased and beloved dog Flloyd
In this paper, we investigate the global existence and finite time blowup of nonnegative solutions for the following parabolic system with nonlocal sources
Franklin also claims the men became so desperate for sex, they requested blowup dolls.
Tuesday what was reported on a blowup or an incident that happened at the
This summer we are seeing--and rightly so--a host of commemorative events, symposia, lectures, exhibits, books, and even a map and guide for a four-day driving tour of Big Blowup sites in Montana and Idaho.
Blowup in a partial differential equation with conserved first integral.
Another effective technique is to obtain a blowup of the defendant pathologist's erroneous report and place it where jurors can see it for as long as possible--it is concrete evidence of the defendant's negligence.