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chromatic - being or having or characterized by hue
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In the dust and the steam the electric lights would shine like far-off twinkling stars--red and blue-green and purple stars, according to the color of the mist and the brew from which it came.
Behind the blue-green of the twin trees rose a dark-bluish brick Georgian pile, with a shell-shaped fan-light over its pillared door.
Below them, as they stood, the forest slid away in a sheet of blue-green for mile upon mile; below the forest was a village in its sprinkle of terraced fields and steep grazing-grounds.
THE consulting-rooms of Dr Orion Hood, the eminent criminologist and specialist in certain moral disorders, lay along the sea-front at Scarborough, in a series of very large and well-lighted french windows, which showed the North Sea like one endless outer wall of blue-green marble.
Happily the tropical suns had bleached the tapestries to a faded blue-green colour, and the mirror with its frame of shells, the work of the steward's love, when the time hung heavy in the southern seas, was quaint rather than ugly.
A piece of tapestry over a door also showed a blue-green world with a pale stag in it.
The Lural Az," I said, pointing toward its blue-green surface.
5-4 [micro]m wide, pale blue-green, cell contents homogenous (Fig.
The toxins come from the blue-green algae bloom at the lakes located eight miles south of Reedsport near Highway 101 in Coos County.
Wen you're in the environmental re-slearch business, finding blue-green algae can be a double-edged sword: it's good for the researchers, but not so good for the people living in the area.
In Toledo, Ohio, where voluntary tests at a water treatment plant found elevated levels of the toxin microcystin, which is produced by blue-green algae, the city is urging residents and the several hundred thousand people served by its water utility not to drink tap water, even if they boil it.