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An enlisted person in the US or British Navy; a sailor.


(Military) a sailor in the Navy


(ˈbluˌdʒæk ɪt)

a sailor.
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Noun1.bluejacket - a serviceman in the navybluejacket - a serviceman in the navy    
coastguardsman - a member of a coastguard
Navy SEAL, SEAL - a member of a Naval Special Warfare unit who is trained for unconventional warfare; "SEAL is an acronym for Sea Air and Land"
military man, serviceman, man, military personnel - someone who serves in the armed forces; a member of a military force; "two men stood sentry duty"
striker - someone receiving intensive training for a naval technical rating
submariner - a member of the crew of a submarine


[ˈbluːˌdʒækɪt] Nmarinero m (de buque de guerra)
References in classic literature ?
The big steam pinnace went off to her ship to bring over a few bluejackets to furl my sails for me.
Today he is elegantly dressed in a bluejacket, and followed around by a patient Alsatian given to him four years ago for his 80th birthday.
Well-anchored at the opposite end of the spectrum, Bluejacket Brewery is a three-floor microbrewery and restaurant that already has become a citywide draw in the Capitol Riverfront neighborhood.
While US-based Bluejacket Brewery this year created a beer called "The Butcher" that is said to taste like a "spicy hot-dog sausage".
At that moment our Bluejacket of the Year, an AD3, made a startling discovery that caused all the aforementioned work to become questionable.
Enlisted Naval Aviation Pilots (NAP) USN, USMC & USCG 1916-1981," Bluejacket.
Atsuo Hata, 12-91 Ueno Nishi 3 Chome, Toyonaka City, Osaka 560-0011 Japan; Susan Warren, Kansas City Regional Office, 8527 Bluejacket St, Ste 115,
Whether you are a recruit, a bluejacket, chief or officer; this will benefit all Sailors.
Members of DAV Department of Connecticut join Department Commander Albert Doak, center, front row, in dark bluejacket, and Conn.
Much will depend on the early battle, but from a favourable draw in the bluejacket Comeonthecats gets the nod.
The 19-year-old bluejacket was sitting in his room at the barracks, talking to her on the phone at the time.