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1. A puritanical person: "Bluenoses demand restraint against the porn and violence that are the staple of popular culture" (Charles Krauthammer).
2. often Bluenose Canadian A native or inhabitant of Nova Scotia.

blue′nosed′ adj.


1. slang US a puritanical or prudish person
2. (Peoples) (often capital) informal a native or inhabitant of Nova Scotia



1. a puritanical person.
2. (cap.) Canadian. an inhabitant of the Maritime Provinces, esp. of Nova Scotia.
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Noun1.bluenose - a native or inhabitant of Nova Scotia
Canadian - a native or inhabitant of Canada


A person who is too much concerned with being proper, modest, or righteous:
Informal: old maid.
References in classic literature ?
Captain Josiah Crawford's black schooner sailing down the channel, laden with potatoes for Bluenose ports, was a spectral ship bound for a far uncharted land, ever receding, never to be reached.
BLUENOSES dreaming of seeing Birmingham City legends teaming up together in Brum are about to get their wish.
However, none of the Blues legends could fathom how any of the present players could not rise to the occasion of playing in front of all the passionate Bluenoses at St.
The annual Bluenose awards will also be presented on the night to the current Everton players named Player and Young Player of the Season.
Bluenose is division of Wheels Group, of Mississauga, Ontario.
The first Bluenose had an unbeaten record in the hotly contested International Fishermen's Races between schooners from Nova Scotia and New England.
A senior official of Bluenose said the company has cancelled its plans.
CREDIT Bluenose produced following cheek tag-Twitter while watching the back home.
They were joined by city leaders and famous football fans, Bluenose Jasper Carrott and The Twang lead singer Villan Phil Etheridge, to launch Birmingham's shot at bringing the tournament home, outside the Council House yesterday.
Here to tell you all that Old Bluenose is back," says Findlay, before singing his own version of Loch Lomond.
It should do - the words came out of that bluenose, opinionated hole in your face you call a mouth.
Look for Petaluma duck braised with red wine and bluenose seabass at Il Fornaio (Pasadena, Beverly Hills and elsewhere) from Dec.