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1. A puritanical person: "Bluenoses demand restraint against the porn and violence that are the staple of popular culture" (Charles Krauthammer).
2. often Bluenose Canadian A native or inhabitant of Nova Scotia.

blue′nosed′ adj.


1. slang US a puritanical or prudish person
2. (Peoples) (often capital) informal a native or inhabitant of Nova Scotia



1. a puritanical person.
2. (cap.) Canadian. an inhabitant of the Maritime Provinces, esp. of Nova Scotia.
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Noun1.bluenose - a native or inhabitant of Nova Scotia
Canadian - a native or inhabitant of Canada


A person who is too much concerned with being proper, modest, or righteous:
Informal: old maid.
References in classic literature ?
Captain Josiah Crawford's black schooner sailing down the channel, laden with potatoes for Bluenose ports, was a spectral ship bound for a far uncharted land, ever receding, never to be reached.
GAMES gainst Chelsea have, rather unusually, provided reasons to be cheerful for Bluenoses this season.
Dear Editor, - Those bluenoses who are saying that Chris Sutton is too old, at 33, to lead the attack, are surely forgetting some of this country's greatest centre forwards.
Make no mistake, wee Barry has been badly missed and his return gives all us Bluenoses a huge lift.
WORST OF THE DAYSORRY Bluenoses, but I've just got to say Everton at 2-5 to beat Tranmere.
LOS Angeles is beginning to earn a reputation as a city of bluenoses.
TONIGHT hundreds of Bluenoses will travel down the M6 to the James Parnell Stadium to watch Blues in action in their first pre-season friendly against Nuneaton Town.
So, if he was who he said he was, I thought I'd pose the question that all Bluenoses would want me to ask - would he be interested in a move to Birmingham City?
The pair chatted like old friends as they were waiting to be introduced to the hundreds of bluenoses who packed into the Adelphi to celebrate the last Toffees side to win a trophy.
Thirty years ago the bulk of the Scotland support were Bluenoses but times have changed.
Bluenoses will all have their own opinions of the best team Birmingham City could muster.
I'll leave you rabid bluenoses with one intriguing question.