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Adj.1.bluish-purple - of purple tinged with blue
chromatic - being or having or characterized by hue
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The 38-second video packs a punch, opening with a close-up of a hand turning the colorful dial of a professional gas cooktop stove, the bluish-purple flame flickering, and onions mid-flambe in a stainless steel skillet.
Ranging from Sitka, Alaska to Baja California this common snail's shell is usually bluish-purple or gray; the uncommon color forms of brown, pink and white illustrate the great color variation.
She was lying down, her lips were a bluish-purple and her eyes were open and rolled upwards," PC James said.
The delicate bluish-purple flower grows only in Caithness, Sutherland and Orkney.
Low blood oxygen leads to cyanosis, a bluish-purple colour to the skin and shortness of breath.
In the eerie bluish-purple depths of an Antarctic lake, scientists have discovered otherworldly mounds that tell tales of the planet's early days.
48-52 x 7-8 mm), and by the petals with bluish-purple apex (vs.
Her Father's Day portrait features Dan Arneson, 31, in a bluish-purple sports cap worn sideways at a rakish angle and bearing the Chargers' lightning bolt logo.
Lachesis (Bushmaster snake): Bluish-purple or black boil filled with pus.
The lowest concentration of the extract at which the presence of antioxidant is detected was recorded as the highest dilution at which the formation of bluish-purple colouration disappears.
The sky is streaked with red, the sea's an envious green, The lonely moon soars to her bluish-purple place, The soul, the heart and love are colours never seen, The object of my craving has as yet no face.
A previously described bluish-purple (B-type) shell color was found in one of the putative oo x oG crosses, suggesting that the B-type may be a recessive allele belonging to the same locus.