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Adj.1.bluish-white - of white tinged with blue
achromatic, neutral - having no hue; "neutral colors like black or white"
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For comparison, Sirius, the brightest star in the night sky, has a surface temperature close to 10,000C, is 80 times brighter than the Sun, three times as large and shines with a bluish-white hue.
The LIFX White 800 allows for ranges of warm white shades to bluish-white variations on daylight adjustable from any smart device.
The 65-watt BR30 replacement LED was almost as bright as stated, but it gave off a light that was a bit more bluish-white than the box stated.
It posted an image of the crater and said that the bluish-white tone on the image was due to wintertime frost.
Secondly, many of the stars visible to the naked eye are genuinely white or bluish-white, being among the hottest and most luminous ones in our region of the galaxy, such as Rigel in Orion.
Yagi Akira (b 1955) is represented by two bluish-white glazed (seihakuji) porcelain bottles with tiny necks that flare slightly at their mouths.
On each of the 11 antennal segments, the basal portion is bluish-white, while the remainder is black resulting in a striking black and bluish-white pattern.
Another 4 x 4 piece grid some 200 metres across has some pieces clearly blown to smithereens, again supporting the target practice theory, and a dummy runway in garish bluish-white is probably not for style-conscious aliens but air-to-ground strafing practice," he added.
In Greenwich, a vast irregular shape made up mostly of thick, rectangular planes of brown, black, white, and orange color applied in gridlike formation with a palette knife is anchored to three of the canvas's borders (and looks something like an aerial view of a landmass all but surrounded by water); it is centered in a vast field of a slightly bluish-white hue evenly painted with a brush.
One form that became particularly popular was Qingbai meaning bluish-white.
Use of bluish-white outdoor lighting threatens human vision and nocturnal wildlife.
The suspect pirate skiff was characteristically difficult to see: It was bluish-white in color and left almost no wake.