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Glenarm put out a little hand, ravishingly clothed in a blush-colored glove, and laid it on the athlete's mighty arm.
she said, with a little pleading pressure of the blush-colored hand.
Various high and low flower arrangements of white and blush-colored roses, hydrangeas, and orchids, graced the 26 guest tables and two family tables.
The formal tension between the blush-colored delicacies in an austere grid perfectly encapsulated Wilke's subversion of the Minimalist/Conceptualist concern 'vith systems, while also demonstrating her genius for fusing her personal, bodycentric feminism with the formal issues and rigorous philosophy of Conceptualism.
fall issue, Lauren Conrad strikes a pose in a blush-colored strapless gown with gold embroidery while her friends stand by her side in white gowns.
Maui Rose(TM) lenses are high-performance and blush-colored for maximum contrast and crisp vision.
Love Drunk is mature with a blush-colored wink, and juicy, like the part of the watermelon where red and green meet.
There was a little bit of everything, from a striped swim skirt to a billowy blush-colored gown, and that's surely the appeal of Burch's label.
This drink from X-Rated Vodka is a sophisticated, blush-colored cocktail.
Delicate Porcelain is made up of pale, dusty, subtle and sophisticated colors such as white Quartz, beige Bisque, blush-colored Swan and pale-brown Sable that Hough said was inspired by women's cosmetics.
The bouquets are old-fashioned, made of gardenias, blush-colored roses, lilies of the valley and stephanotis.
She paired her black skinny jeans with a simple blush-colored knitted jumper with towering nude strappy heels.