board of directors

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Noun1.board of directors - a group of persons chosen to govern the affairs of a corporation or other large institutionboard of directors - a group of persons chosen to govern the affairs of a corporation or other large institution
board - a committee having supervisory powers; "the board has seven members"
staggered board of directors - a board of directors a portion of whose members are elected each year instead of all members being elected annually
management - those in charge of running a business
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As the day for the opening of the Exposition drew near, the Board of Directors began preparing the programme for the opening exercises.
In this I felt that the Board of Directors had paid a tribute to me.
The capital was furnished by himself he, in fact, constituted the company; for, though he had a board of directors, they were merely nominal; the whole business was conducted on his plans and with his resources, but he preferred to do so under the imposing and formidable aspect of a corporation, rather than in his individual name, and his policy was sagacious and effective.
Brooke of Tipton, who had lately allowed himself to be put on the board of directors in his turn, but had never before attended, his attendance now being due to Mr.
The policy of insurance for my dwelling house had expired the day before; and, some dispute having arisen, it was agreed that, at six, I should meet the board of directors of the company and settle the terms of a renewal.
It would take a Public Company with a Board of Directors and a paid Secretary to do that.
Past: CalCPA Board of Directors, vice chair; CalCPA Dues Task Force, chair; San Jose Chapter, president, vice president; San Jose Chapter Real Estate & Credit Grantors Committee, chair; California CPA Education Foundation Board of Trustees, president, vice president, treasurer.
has shown a commitment to diversity on its board of directors for decades.
Smith, the president of a local multispecialty clinic, was flattered and pleased to be nominated to serve on the board of directors of his local hospital.
Bolin was serving as Second Vice-President of the New York Branch in 1943 when Executive Secretary Walter White, Assistant Executive Secretary Roy Wilkins, and Special Counsel Thurgood Marshall nominated her for "the woman member of the Board of Directors for whom the Committee on Nominations left a vacancy.
A person's membership may be revoked for cause, other than nonpayment of dues, by a two-thirds vote by ballot of the Board of Directors.
Subject to approval of the Board of Directors, an Audit Committee comprised of no less than three (3) independent members from the Board of Directors shall be appointed by the Nominating Committee.

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