board of trade

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board of trade

n. pl. boards of trade
An association of bankers and business people to promote common commercial interests.

board of trade

(Commerce) US and Canadian another name for a chamber of commerce

Board of Trade

(Government, Politics & Diplomacy) (in the United Kingdom) a ministry within the Department of Trade: responsible for the supervision of commerce and the promotion of export trade

board′ of trade′

1. an association of businesspeople.
2. Board of Trade, the British ministry that supervises commerce and industry.
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canada hopes this will just be the beginning of an ongoing relationship that will strengthen the Canadian business community and open the door to local and national partnerships with all areas and aspects of business in Canada The company encourages all Canadian chambers and boards of trade to register their local divisions across Canada, and in doing so they will place a link in every area of Canada directing traffic to the closest possible chamber or board.