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An American migratory songbird (Dolichonyx oryzivorus), the male of which has black, white, and yellowish plumage. Also called reedbird; also called regionally ricebird.

[Imitative of its song.]


(Animals) an American songbird, Dolichonyx oryzivorus, the male of which has a white back and black underparts in the breeding season: family Icteridae (American orioles). Also called (US): reedbird or ricebird
[C18: of imitative origin]


(ˈbɒb əˌlɪŋk)

a meadow-dwelling North American songbird, Dolichonyx oryzivorus, of the subfamily Icterinae, the male of which is black, white, and buff.
[1765–75, Amer.; imitative of its call]
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Noun1.bobolink - migratory American songbirdbobolink - migratory American songbird    
American oriole, New World oriole, oriole - American songbird; male is black and orange or yellow
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The girl wiped her hands, crossed her feet on the little island of carpet where she was stranded in a sea of soap-suds, and then, sure enough, out of her slender throat came the swallow's twitter, the robin's whistle, the blue-jay's call, the thrush's song, the wood-dove's coo, and many another familiar note, all ending as before with the musical ecstacy of a bobolink singing and swinging among the meadow grass on a bright June day.
Bobolinks and More Annual Donor and Friends Event Join us for afternoon drinks and appetizers as we enjoy the chance to observe bobolinks in the meadow near the Crocker Farmhouse.
Many young bobolinks, for instance, have been sighted recently springing up from the grassland in the lower field.
Renfrew and Ribic (2008), in a study of Bobolinks (Dolichonyx oryzivorus), and Grasshopper and Savannah sparrows, concluded that patch-size might only be particularly restrictive when the entire landscape is heavily fragmented.
The article sought to have mowing in town-owned fields delayed until birds, and especially bobolinks, finished nesting.
We examined: (1) how woody vegetation features were related to habitat use and distribution of Grasshopper, Savannah, and Henslow's sparrows, Eastern Meadowlarks, Bobolinks, and Dickcissels breeding within reclaimed surface mines; (2) the extent woody habitat features were related to nestsite selection of Grasshopper and Henslow's sparrows, and Eastern Meadowlarks; and (3) if these woody habitat features affected daily nest survival of Grasshopper and Henslow's sparrows, and Eastern Meadowlarks.
It would give bobolinks time to finish their nesting cycle," she said.
2009) reported that adult Bobolinks (Dolichonyx oryzivorus) pecked and pulled at nestlings' throat ligatures at most nests sampled.
What the mower or his supervisor didn't know is that this special grassland habitat has perennially been the nesting habitat of uncommon savannah sparrows, bobolinks and eastern meadowlarks.
The goal of our study was to identify patterns and variability of egg mass and nestling growth in a population of Bobolinks by comparing: (1) egg mass within- and between clutches; (2) the relationship between (a) clutch size and egg mass and (b) nest initiation date and egg mass; (3) nestling growth between years of study, study sites and between broods; and (4) Bobolink nestling growth patterns by percentage of adult size and mass attained at fledging.
Waiting till mid-July would help other species, as well, because uncommon grassland-nesting birds like meadowlarks and bobolinks would be able to produce their young without being mowed down, too.
Vegetation structure, food supply, and polygyny in Bobolinks (Dolichonyx oryzivorus).