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1. A long metal racing sled with a steering mechanism that controls the front runners and a hand brake, usually raced down a curving ice-covered course by crews of two or four riders.
a. A long sled made of two shorter sleds joined in tandem.
b. Either of these two smaller sleds.
intr.v. bob·sled·ded, bob·sled·ding, bob·sleds
To ride or race in a bobsled.

[bob + sled.]

bob′sled·der n.
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Noun1.bobsledding - riding on a bobsledbobsledding - riding on a bobsled      
sledding - the sport of riding on a sled or sleigh
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Korean Air will invest W10 billion to construct a cutting-edge sled for the national bobsledding team.
Holcomb and Steve Langton won the bronze medal in two-man bobsledding at the Sochi Games, the first Olympic medal by an American sled in the event since 1952.
Weight distribution is a universal problem in bobsledding and one of the factors the designers can influence.
Beyond its legacy of ice hockey, figure skating, skiing, and bobsledding, the U.
The good thing about bobsledding is the training is so similar (to the hammer throw)," said Henry, who is trying out to be a brakewoman, whose role is to be the power behind the starting push and then stopping the sled once it crosses the finish line.
But the Winter Olympic-bound Welshman argues his fledgling bobsledding career isn't going downhill but, in fact, it's on the up.
Although the city will play host to the Olympic Village, competitions for skiing, snowboarding, and bobsledding will be staged in nearby mountain towns Pragelato, Bardoneccia, and Sauze d'Oulx (www.
After considering everything from skiing to speed skating, Faisel, who played soccer in Iraq, has settled on skeleton, the head-first rush down the same banked, twisting track used for bobsledding.
Mazzi (above) was the brakeman for the USA world bobsledding team that won the four-man national bobsledding championship at Lake Placid.
My first push was a little weird, but coming from bobsledding, it wasn't much different," said Jackson.
Other materials tried for this application either could not stand up to the rigors of bobsledding or proved to be too expensive.
Resembling an arcade ride, this saddle-up-and-sled simulator recreates the perceptual experience and many of the physical sensations of competitive bobsledding on specific courses.