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n. Nautical
A rope, chain, or rod that exerts downward tension on a bowsprit to counteract the pull of the forestay.


(Nautical Terms) a strong stay between a bowsprit and the stem of a vessel for holding down the bowsprit
[C18: perhaps from bob1 + stay3]



a rope, chain, or rod from the outer end of the bowsprit to the cutwater.
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Our review boat was well specified with a conventional spinnaker pole and that neat X-yacht trademark composite bowsprit for flying an asymmetric; strong enough not to require a bobstay.
Edmonton actor and musical-theatre specialist Andrew MacDonald-Smith had loads of stage business as Bill Bobstay, and used his nimble, lanky frame to excellent comic effect.
Perhaps the two editions diverge most obviously (if unimportantly) with the minor characters Bill Bobstay and Bob Becket.
Not surprisingly, she became a personality and appeared in a double-role theatre act giving drill displays as Bobstay, a sailor, and Firelock, a soldier.
Rackstraw is supported in his impossible yearnings by fellow singing sailors Bill Bobstay (Justin William McQueen), Bob Becket (Morgan James) and Able Seaman (Jim Bukowski).
Her sistership Wild Oats X made the start sporting a brand new rig, but was racing for barely an hour before the bowsprit broke when the bobstay gave way.