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(bə-kä′chō, -chē-ō′)
n. pl. bo·cac·cios
A large edible rockfish (Sebastes paucispinis) of eastern Pacific waters, having a long lower jaw and a reddish-brown body.

[Alteration (perhaps influenced by Italian boccaccia, ugly mouth, or the name Boccaccio) of American Spanish bocacho, from Spanish bocacha, big mouth, from boca, mouth, from Old Spanish, from Latin bucca, cheek.]


(bəˈkætʃəʊ; bəˈkætʃɪəʊ)
a species of rockfish, Sebastes paucispinis, commonly found along the west coast of North America


(bəˈkɑ tʃoʊ, -tʃiˌoʊ, boʊ-)

n., pl. -cios.
a large, brown, big-mouthed rockfish, Sebastes paucispinis, of California coastal waters.
[1885–90; < Italian boccaccio ugly mouth, derivative of bocc(a) mouth < Latin bucca]
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In Virgil's Aeneid, Aeneas descends there to the underworld through the Cave of the Sibyl, Dante himself does not specify where he and his guide Virgil enter hell, but Bocaccio later identified it with the same Lake Avernus.
The report also revealed that the Al-Salam Bocaccio 98's marine certificate, which the company had concealed, prohibited it from undertaking journeys of more than 20 nautical miles.
The Decameron's author does not solve the doubt about Cepperello's metaphysical destiny; Bocaccio does not venture in defense of the church as the warden of faith, but rather lets the evident corruption of the institution paradoxically prove the truth of the Christian faith, as in I.
Bomb radiocarbon and lead-radium disequilibria in otoliths of bocaccio rockfish (Sebastes paucispinis): A determination of age and longevity for a difficult-to-age fish.
Those looking to splash out should head to Le Bocaccio (Rue Massena) for a King platter, where 120 euro will get you an enormous mound of shellfish including crab and lobster on a huge silver dish - it's worth walking past just for a look.
Representing the authors' current research, the essays describe case studies of manuscripts that include the gospel book of Judith of Flanders, the Psalter of Louis IX, the Bohun Apocalypse, Fouquet's Bocaccio, and the De Lisle Psalter.
5) Tambien hay que mencionar que La Araucana revela el hecho de que Ercilla conocio a Lucano, Virgilio, Ariosto, Dante, Petrarca, Bocaccio, entre otros que fueron escritores en boga en la Edad de Oro espanola, y que le fueron familiares, entre ellos los poetas hispanos, Garcilaso y Boscan (Vega 20).
He reads Wilde, Freud, and Bocaccio, and attends Gurdjieff meetings.
Bocaccio, one of several highly depleted Pacific rockfish species, have been reduced to less than 10% of their historical population size in West Coast waters.
Production: Rod Holcomb, Joel Silver, Ron Koslow, Trevor Munson, Gerard Bocaccio
So with a few keystrokes, scientists can automatically search and sort the photo database--to count the number of specific rockfish such as hake or bocaccio in a given area, for example, or determine the particular environment they prefer.