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(bə-kä′chō, -chē-ō′)
n. pl. bo·cac·cios
A large edible rockfish (Sebastes paucispinis) of eastern Pacific waters, having a long lower jaw and a reddish-brown body.

[Alteration (perhaps influenced by Italian boccaccia, ugly mouth, or the name Boccaccio) of American Spanish bocacho, from Spanish bocacha, big mouth, from boca, mouth, from Old Spanish, from Latin bucca, cheek.]


(bəˈkætʃəʊ; bəˈkætʃɪəʊ)
a species of rockfish, Sebastes paucispinis, commonly found along the west coast of North America


(bəˈkɑ tʃoʊ, -tʃiˌoʊ, boʊ-)

n., pl. -cios.
a large, brown, big-mouthed rockfish, Sebastes paucispinis, of California coastal waters.
[1885–90; < Italian boccaccio ugly mouth, derivative of bocc(a) mouth < Latin bucca]
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He said the bocaccios anglers are seeing are young, immature fish and are not a sign of a healthy fish population.
According to the PFMC, seven species of rockfish including bocaccio, canary rockfish, cowcod, dark-blotched rockfish, Pacific ocean perch, widow rockfish and yelloweye rockfish have been officially declared overfished in recent years.
Bocaccio, sold as ``red snapper'' in markets, are now down to 4.
That report also said previous stock assessments were too optimistic and in hindsight bocaccio have been heavily overfished.
The sport anglers' lawsuit said the DFG admits anglers are seeing more bocaccio than ever.
Rockfish, like yellowtails and bocaccios swim through the waters.