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or boc·ci or boc·cie  (bŏch′ē)
A game of Italian origin similar to lawn bowling that is played with wooden balls on a long narrow court covered with fine gravel.

[Italian bocce, pl. of boccia, ball.]
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Noun1.bocci - Italian bowling played on a long narrow dirt courtbocci - Italian bowling played on a long narrow dirt court
bowling - a game in which balls are rolled at an object or group of objects with the aim of knocking them over or moving them
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With the application of our new technologies, we are pleased to help Sobi reach their protein expression goal," said Marco Bocci, PhD, vice president of business development and licensing of Selexis.
Contract notice: Minor Civil Works and Finishing Works at the Paola Wolves Bocci Club.
In terms of ozone, I would suggest as starting points the research and books of Bocci, Shallenberger, and other healers looking for treatments outside of synthetic pharmaceuticals.
Explore coastal paths by bike, climb and abseil, discover hidden caves by kayak, take a boat cruise and play Bocci with the locals.
She was a member of the American Legion Post 2 Ladies Auxiliary; its Womens' Bocci League and the Barre, Hubbardston and Gilbertville Golden Age Clubs.
Highlights of the trip include exploring the coastal paths by bike, climbing up and abseiling down the rocks, discovering hidden caves by kayak, a boat cruise and playing Bocci with the locals.
NEW CASTLE -- All the competitions of Special Olympics Asia Pacific Games Concluded today with Pakistan's Special Athletes presenting an impressive performances added 28 more medals to their credit and took the total number of medals to 51 Bocci (Bowling) was the main contributor, Boys & girls of this sports added as many as 15 medals to total tally.
The Audition has received significant attention not only due to Haussman but also because it stars two famous Italian actors - Valeria Solarino and Marco Bocci - in addition to being shot at historic Cinecitta Studios in Rome.
Lazzeri D, Lazzeri S, Figus M, Tascini C, Bocci G, Colizzi L, et al.
More than 100 furniture and lighting brands are showing new designs, including Fritz Hansen, Artek, Bocci, Gubi, Modus, El 5 and Very Good & Proper.
Franco Bocci has asserted that both wind direction and a person's stature figure into the answer.
Bocci is adamant that men and women can both derive pleasure from sultry reads.