body check

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or body check  (bŏd′ē-chĕk′)
A check, as in ice hockey, in which a player impedes another with the body.

bod′y·check′ v.

bod′y check`

Ice Hockey.
an obstructing or impeding with the body of the movement or progress of an opponent.
bod′y-check`, v.t., v.i.
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One of the best tips to come from the American Academy of Dermatology is to "Check your birthday suit on your birthday" and DermatologistOnCall professionals say that the beginning of summer is another great time to do a thorough body check.
ARSENAL OUR RATING Ospina 6 Wiped out Oscar, lucky not to see red and concede penalty Bellerin 8 Heroic goal-line clearance thanks to his electric pace Mertesacker 6 Steady in defence despite not training all week Koscielny 7 Commanding, dealt easily with Oscar and Drogba Monreal Booked 8 Cynical body check to stop Ramires Coquelin Booked 7 Put his foot in where it hurts, always effective Cazorla Booked 8 Always lively and trying to make things happen Ramsey Booked 5 Nowhere near his best, looked lost on the right Ozil 7 Excellent first half, faded badly and missed big chance Sanchez 6 Lively start, then faded.
1) Furthermore, learning to body check in this age group provides limited protective effect when players graduate to the 13-14 year old age group (Bantam).
Check, check and check (just don't body check him into a locker bank .
About 30 minutes later, a person in charge of security checks informed a superior about having allowed someone who claimed to be a police officer to go through the security area without a body check, they said.
The move ground to a halt after six phases of flowing rugby, only to be called back for a penalty awarded after a body check on Hogg moments earlier.
He increased Estudiantes' lead eight minutes into the second half before Brazilian striker Denilson pulled one back in the 71st when the Koreans were already down to 10 men, Hwang having been sent off for a second booking after a body check on wing Maxi Nunez.
Passersby filmed and published both incidents, the Times Square bicycle body check alone getting 1.
It's been suggested that the Lakers should make Parker pay for his drives in the lane with a body check or two.
Mr Webb denied any intention to body check Mr Johnson, who was one of his favourite teachers.
Smith faces further punishment for an arm-led body check on Graeme Le Saux in the 2-0 Worthington Cup defeat to Chelsea on November 28.
Leicester defender Frank Sinclair then picked up the first yellow card of the game for a body check on Rufus Brevett.