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Noun1.body lotion - lotion applied to the body after bathing
lotion - any of various cosmetic preparations that are applied to the skin
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In this study, the majority of test subjects considered the in-shower body lotion to be better than other body lotions I believe because of ease and efficacy.
moisturizing body lotion and shower gels, body mist and a bar of glycerin soap.
Last but not least, smooth on The Healing Garden's Lavender Therapy Silken Serenity Body Lotion before misting your bed with its ZZZTherapy Serene Dreams Pillow Spray.
We are excited about the partnership between Vaseline and the West Coast Salsa Congress, anyone who dances wants their skin to feel and look good, so it makes perfect sense for the number one hand and body lotion company to join the West Coast Salsa Congress Family," said Albert Torres, Producer of the Congress.
All in pink, this includes spray cologne, shimmering body lotion and 3-in-1 shampoo, shower gel and bubble bath.
Love is: glowing, a shimmery pink body lotion and Love is: burning, a red candle that shimmers as it burns.
28 /PRNewswire/ -- For the Holiday season's numerous parties and events, don't forget your Silk Wrap -- the new Alpha Hydrox(TM) luxurious body lotion.
Based on their city's numerical rating, people can take precautions to prevent winter skin problems, such as turning on a humidifier or using a medicated body lotion.
Each of the fragranced lines offers a themed gift-scent, as well as five core products: Extra Creamy Bodywash, Smoothing Shower Scrub, Vitamin Rich Body Lotion, Sheer Moisture Body Mist and an Extra Thick Body Cream.
Tom Ford Estee Lauder Youth Dew Amber Nude Body Lotion (pounds 30)
His Fraser's counter has this wonderful offer on "Romance" fragrance and matching body lotion.
Furthermore, the products under the body lotion segment include mass market body care lotions and premium body care lotions.