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Adj.1.bodyless - having no trunk or main part; "a bodiless head"
unbodied - having no body
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After bowing before the Head, they sacrifice Filostrato in the decapitation machine that he had designed for the creation of more of the likes of the bodyless Alcasan.
The main attraction is to watch the sunrise from the eastern terrace, which give the bodyless heads a beautiful orange hue and adds to the sense of mystery of the place.
The bodyless, pure sprit, of finance capitalism gives rise to the underlying patriarchal illusion of ultimately being able to replace a self-recreating, self-renewing ("first") nature with "pure" money, the "pure" essence of life, the one-and-only God (p.
To make the point, the driverless, bodyless foot-high chassis glided onstage, like some overgrown remote*control toy, to a turntable midway between presenters GM CEO Rick Wagoner and R&D VP Larry Burns.
The Austrian Habsburg monarchy's multi-national empire had collapsed by the end of 1918, and post-war Austria was merely the bodyless head that remained after the break-up.
It seems Harry's arch rival Voldemort, who is bodyless after failing to kill Harry, may try to steal it from Hogwarts to become full bodied again.
Hooks (1994) discusses how patriarchal norms of the bodyless, asexual teacher limits our capacity to engage our students wholly.