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or body suit  (bŏd′ē-so͞ot′)
1. A tight-fitting one-piece garment for the torso.
2. A similar garment that covers all or most of the body.


(ˈbɒdɪˌsuːt; -ˌsjuːt)
1. (Clothing & Fashion) another name for body16
2. (Clothing & Fashion) a one-piece undergarment for a baby


or bod′y suit`,

a close-fitting, one-piece garment for the torso, usu. sleeved and having a snap crotch.
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She also adores great bodysuits with statement jeans.
Clothes included in the box come in a range of sizes and there are also fitted cot sheets; cellular blanket,mattress protector, pramsuit with hood, all-in-one day suit, romper and bodysuit set, scratch mittens, short-sleeved and long-sleeved bodysuits, long-sleeved wraparound bodysuit, footed leggings, fleece jacket with hood, jersey trousers, baby wrap, hooded bath towel, real nappy and liners, digital ear thermometer and battery, dribbler bib, organic cotton muslin squares, comforter/soother toy, PLAYTALKREAD play mat, PLAYTALKREAD travel changing mat, baby book and nursing pads.
Perry arrived on stage dressed in a sequinned bodysuit with an eye design on the chest and was flanked by a troupe of dancers in lycra bodysuits and a series of headwear including television screens, fluffy pink blocks and mouths with eyeballs inside.
Baby Ryman may be recognized as much for his on stage appearances and miniature custom guitar he carries everywhere, as the children's apparel line he sports called "Apparel by Frizzell" which includes "Baby Bodysuits by Frizzell.
Key pieces include a parka and bomber jacket in metallic fabrics, neoprene bodysuits with strategic seams and high-waisted leggings that showcase the feminine silhouette.
The bodysuits which were first made of knitted lace are now a Somarta staple appearing each season in a renewed fashion, from Swarovski crystals to 3D print effects and light reflection.
NUDE bodysuits are best approached with caution in our humble opinion.
best tion in ewo NUDE bodysuits are best approached with caution in our humble opinion.
From bodysuits to blankets, cots to cloths, and nappies to a good night's sleep, there's everything you need for your precious bundle of joy.
London, Nov 18( ANI ): Victoria Pendleton has revealed that she is more than happy to wear skimpy outfits for 'Strictly Come Dancing,' as she has been wearing skintight bodysuits most of her life.
6 goSSIP Whitney Port acting a bit harsh, and loads more celeby juicy goss, yay 8 amelIa lIly The former X Factor contestant and pink-haired popstrel goes all chic and talks bullies and boys and all sorts 13 bodySuItS you Jessie J and Mel C wore bodysuits at the Olympics closing ceremony, here are some more girls rocking the nude, yet very sparkly, look 14 colIn farrell The star of Total Recall on putting his boozy days behind him, fatherhood and getting his nails buffed 17 Sarah Storey The Paralympian cyclist who hopes to win another medal to add to her haul of seven golds, eight silvers, and three bronzes.
SYDNEY: Australian swimming legend Grant Hackett has branded the sport s governing body an "absolute disgrace" after its decision to allow bodysuits at the World Championships triggered a glut of new records.