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intr.v. bod·y·surfed, bod·y·surf·ing, bod·y·surfs Sports
To ride the waves to shore without a surfboard.

bod′y·surf′er n.
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This coupled with a separate accident permanently damaging his shoulder while bodysurfing resulted in him requiring assistants to help in his work.
With 35 beers on tap, there's a style for everyone, from the Bodysurfing Belgian-style Blonde to Rescue Buoy Russian Imperial Stout, served in an airy space with wooden surfboards for tables.
I was one happy guy, having been able to celebrate my first visit to the beach in years - and my first visit to Lane County's southwest corner - by bodysurfing on such an isolated stretch of the coast, and all the time within view of both gray whales and a harbor seal," he ended the essay.
Aura murio en la ciudad de Mexico, en el hospital Angeles del Pedregal, al sur de la ciudad, veinticuatro horas despues de romperse la columna mientras practicaba bodysurfing en Mazunte, Oaxaca.
He was known to be engaged in various sports such as bodysurfing, mountain biking, and sailing.
I was bodysurfing in the water in the second, third year I was here.
But if bodysurfing or dancing on the tables in ski boots to dodgy Europop isn't your scene, then there is lots more entertainment on offer, as I discovered on my latest visit.
You see the bodysurfing and it only takes one person to get critically injured and the buck stops with the club.
It offers everything from big, splashy rapids to calm stretches where you can get into other activities such as bodysurfing or simply dive in for a swim.
At Paradise there were several lesbians paddle-boarding, families in pontoon boats and power boats, straight couples learning to sail, crazy middle-aged couples riding Jet Skis (ahem, that was us), and many other people, even kids, kayaking, bodysurfing, swimming, and snorkeling.
He played for a year, but then severely injured a shoulder, not on the gridiron but bodysurfing at Newport Beach.
The things that he misses most about growing up in Hawaii is bodysurfing and eating shaved ice, he said.