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 (bā′mīt′, bō′-)
A white to dark reddish-brown orthorhombic mineral, AlO(OH), present in bauxite.

[German Böhmit, after J. Böhm (1858-1930), German scientist.]


(Minerals) a grey, red, or brown mineral that consists of alumina in rhombic crystalline form and occurs in bauxite. Formula: AlO(OH)
[C20: from German Böhmit, after J. Böhm, 20th-century German scientist]


(ˈbeɪ maɪt, ˈboʊ-)

a mineral, hydrous aluminum oxide, AlO(OH), a major component of bauxite.
[1925–30; < German Böhmit, after J. Böhm, 20th-century German scientist; see -ite1]
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In flame retarded nanocomposites, a few percent of inert nanofiller, such as layered silicate (LS), can cause inorganic-carbonaceous protection layers to form during combustion [6-9], Other particles have also been proposed, including double-layered hydroxides, boehmite, and carbon nanotubes [10-14].
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All ABx bauxites are free of the refractory, high-temperature monohydrate alumina mineral called boehmite and, equally importantly, the levels of the deleterious reactive silica are very low.