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 (bŏf′ō) Slang
Extremely successful; great.
n. pl. bof·fos
See boff1.

[Alteration of boff.]


slang very good; highly successful
a person who has extensive skill or knowledge in a particular field
[C20: of uncertain origin]


(ˈbɒf oʊ)

n., pl. -fos,
adj. Slang. n.
1. boff.
2. highly successful: a boffo performance.
[1950–55; perhaps alter. of buffo]
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Adj.1.boffo - resoundingly successful and popular; "for years he was a boffo box office certainty"
successful - having succeeded or being marked by a favorable outcome; "a successful architect"; "a successful business venture"


Slang. A dazzling, often sudden instance of success:
Slang: boff, boffola.


adj (US inf) → klasse (inf), → super (inf)
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Never mind that the film itself is an unsubtle chat fest stocked with immature characters; because it's so tuned to the Zeitgeist of the bourgeoisie, it's become the talk of Italy, where it's doing boffo business.
New TV-film productions are being whipped up all the time, particularly at the end of a show biz season, the better to end the year with a big, boffo bang
Italian Ambassador Mario Boffo visited the expo's various pavilions that showcased the latest advancement in the world's gas and oil industry.
Ra'eid bin Khalid Qarmali, Italy's Ambassador to the Kingdom Mario Boffo and other senior officials.
He has put starring in big-budget blockbusters on hold for now, riding the hope that his next boffo weekend smash is a podium finish in the 24 Hours of Le Mans.
The non-profit arts organization Boffo gets around that problem by placing pop-ups outside the city's top shopping destinations.
It is nice that Hollywood has enjoyed a boffo box office year, people opting to go to the movies as the economy dictates less expensive forms of entertainment.
Dino Boffo, editor of the Avvenire daily of the Italian Bishops' Conference, denied the allegations made by Il Giornale, a Berlusconi family newspaper, but said he resigned because the allegations were damaging to his family and the paper.
London, Sept 2 (ANI): Relations between the Vatican and Silvio Berlusconi soured further after top church figures rallied to defend Dino Boffo, the Catholic editor, whose personal life was attacked by the Italian PM's family newspaper.
Comics being dropped -- after input from a summer reader poll that drew nearly 13,000 responses -- include "Mister Boffo," "The Fusco Brothers," "Brevity," "Sherman's Lagoon," and the Tokyopop manga strip.
From budget concerns to anticipating changes in audience tastes, BOFFO covers pitfalls as well as successes and is a 'must' for any film director, producer, or Hollywood wannabe.
COINCIDENCE that Bradley Walsh arrived on Coronation Street in the same week as Boffo The Clown?