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 (bō′gən), Louise 1897-1970.
American poet whose subtle, spare works are metaphysical in tone.


(Physical Geography) Canadian (esp in the Maritime Provinces) a sluggish side stream. Also called: logan or pokelogan
[of Algonquian origin]


1. a fool
2. a hooligan
[C20: of unknown origin]


(ˈboʊ gən)
Maine and Maritime Provinces. a narrow stretch of water; backwater.
[1895–1900; of Algonquian origin]
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Allan Bogan, 37, left his partner covered in bruises and needing emergency surgery.
Under the guidance of team manager Andrea Bogan, the team consisted of Charlotte Graham, Lucy Dodd, Natalie Ho, Rachel Bogan, Finlay Smith, Jai Nayyar, James Dodd and Seb Ritchie.
Tenders are invited for Different materials supply to gram panchayat alakhpura bogan in year 2017-18 under the plan of mahatma gandhi narega
In 1948, Alice and Lawrence Bogan started a small, one-room business stitching together excess pieces of carpet from upmarket department stores and creating patchwork carpets, which turned out to be a huge success.
Established in 1948 by Lawrence and Alice Bogan, who started by selling patchwork carpets from a tiny shop in Park Road, Dingle, it has since developed into the largest independent carpet and flooring company on Merseyside.
Bogan as the new president of the company and the bank, as well as to the boards of directors of both the company and the bank, the company said.
Additionally, Bogan has been appointed to the boards of directors of both the company and the bank.
Colour Sergeant Robert 'Bobby' Bogan, who was born in 1934, was one of the first to use modern intelligence methods to track and arrest insurgents during the Aden Emergency in 1966.
TOWN Residential announced that top producing agent Philip Henn and associate James Bogan have joined TOWN Financial District, located at 88 Greenwich Street and managed by Kellee Buhler and Hal Gavzie.
For decades, the figure of the Aussie bogan has riveted and been ridiculed on screen, and at its heart lie scathing sentiments regarding class inferiority.
Joan Kelley BoganWorcester - Joan Marie (Kelley) Bogan died in her home on October 30, 2014 in Rancho Cucamonga, CA.
Jabin Bogan was greeted by his family for the first time since April, when he was arrested and charged with smuggling after accidentally carrying cargo meant for a Phoenix gun shop across the border, according to (http://abcnews.