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I just felt at the time I didn't want to get bogged down at a big club.
In its service status report, two MRT-3 trains bogged down after suffering from technical failures.
BAGHDAD / NINA / Vice President, Iyad Allawi called Iran to "change its behavior in the region", urging the Iranian leaders to sit with the others, saying, "The national reconciliation in Iraq bogged down in an unprecedented way.
No one was hurt or injured in the incident, in Porthcawl yesterday, where a small launch tractor got bogged down in the soft sand caused by the recent storms.
Concerned about getting bogged down by "Buy American" waiver requests associated with sewer and drinking water projects funded with stimulus money, the EPA has published a new national waiver policy concerning "incidental components.
Our hard-pressed police are being bogged down in administration and tied up with red tape.
The trouble is that they currently spend some half of their time bogged down with unnecessary administrative work or having to cope with needless interruptions and broken appointments.
Predictably the seminarians' lives are littered with the minutiae of modern life, and at times Englert gets bogged down in recounting the prosaic details.
However, by the interval that final ball, cross or shot was missing and, as the second half went on, we became more and more bogged down.
POLICE in Nuneaton are keen to trace the owner of a white van - loaded with electronic goods - which got bogged down in the middle of a town park.
The author is too wise to get bogged down in academic detail, and for the most part his writing style is clear and straightforward.
Sterling bogged down with too many other discriminating legal matters?