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A black Chinese tea, originally the choicest grade but later an inferior variety.

[From Chinese (Amoy or a closely related dialect) Bú î (soan), the Wuyi mountain range, located on the border of Jiangxi and Fujian provinces, where prized teas are grown; akin to Mandarin Wǔ yí (shān).]


(Cookery) a black Chinese tea, once regarded as the choicest, but now as an inferior grade
[C18: from Chinese (Fukien dialect) bu-i, from Mandarin Chinese Wu-i Shan range of hills on which this tea was grown]
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Last Night 3 Cargoes of Bohea Tea were emptied into the Sea.
Lu Yi, a tea scientist with Hangzhou University, the first of that new tea family are believed to be the Bohea Teas, from Wuyi Shan, in Fujian, which are also named Lapsang Souchong or Zheng Shan Xiao Zhong, depending on the dialect used by the producers.
Berry White of the Bengal Medical Service later called bohea a 'miserable pest', a disastrous mistake that sired an unwanted hybrid and eclipsed the native Assam plant's true potential in the international market.
A museum tells the story of the Boston Tea Party, when 60 locals disguised as Mohawks threw 342 crates of Bohea (tea) into the harbour in protest at the high taxes imposed by the Brits.
Gannon, 71, formerly of Bohea, Co Mayo, had pleaded not guilty to one count of indecent assault, seven counts of sexual assault, five counts of rape and one count of attempted rape at his home and locations near his home between 1990 and 1994.
For example, a placard displayed next to a photograph of a snake reads, "We eat breakfasts about seven of the clock in the morning, first smoke a pipe of tobacco, then drink bohea, afterwards we cut off the head of a viper, and suck the blood out of the body; this, in my humble opinion, is the most wholesome breakfast a man can make.
down, through many and various gradations of the trade, to the petty Village Chandler who carefully weighs out quar ter-ounces of humble Bohea [an inferior grade of tea] to the poor labourer.
By the way, Bohea is a Chinese term for tea meaning "Happy Establishment.
Tusitala and his mamma, complete with Victorian widow's cap, delicate but spirited as any Mary Kingsley or Amelia Edwards, sipping fragrant bohea in her son's exotic Valima household.
The father of two said he now had to avoid local pubs in Bohea because of the hassle he received.