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A person with artistic or literary interests who disregards conventional standards of behavior.

[French bohémien, from Bohême, Bohemia (from the unconventional lifestyle of the Romani people, erroneously supposed to have come from there).]

bo·he′mi·an adj.
bo·he′mi·an·ism n.


a. A native or inhabitant of Bohemia.
b. A person of Bohemian ancestry.
2. The Czech dialects of Bohemia.
a. Archaic A Romani person.
b. An itinerant person; a vagabond.

[Sense 3, translation of French bohémien; see bohemian.]


unconventional behaviour or appearance, esp of an artist


the practice of individualistic, unconventional, and relaxed conduct, of ten in an artistic context, expressing disregard for or opposition to ordinary conventions. — bohemian, n., adj.
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Noun1.bohemianism - conduct characteristic of a bohemian
behavior, conduct, doings, behaviour - manner of acting or controlling yourself


[bəʊˈhiːmɪənɪzəm] Nbohemia f, vida f bohemia


nunkonventionelle or unbürgerliche Lebensweise
References in classic literature ?
Here, in this atmosphere of bohemianism, I could not but contrast the scene with my scene of the day before, sitting at my machine, in the stifling, shut-in air, repeating, endlessly repeating, at top speed, my series of mechanical motions.
It was true that she had condescended to Bohemianism, that be had first met her as a journalist, working for her living in a plain serge suit and a straw hat.
He appeared to have the same independence of thought, the same bohemianism, but he had an infinitely more vivacious temperament; his mind was coarser, and he had not that interest in the abstract which made Cronshaw's conversation so captivating.
In return, it looked askance at the crowd with its rampant bohemianism.
And Miss Lavish, though unwilling to ally him, felt bound to support the cause of Bohemianism.
The rough-and-tumble work in Afghanistan, coming on the top of a natural Bohemianism of disposition, has made me rather more lax than befits a medical man.
Fourth, since the sixties, "the culture of non-conformism, self-expression, transgression, and irreverence for its own sake" has been associated with a sort of affectless left-wing bohemianism, but in fact it's a morally and politically neutral ethos.
Brick House was their 'shared territory' for two and a half years: 'a period of comradely competitiveness and unselfconscious bohemianism that had yielded a rich artistic haul.
A scruffy bohemianism obtained among University of Chicago students in those days.
If you were searching for a dissident lifestyle, there was one - Bohemianism, with its artistic rejection of commercial life.
Set to offer a balanced view of a milieu that was chauvinistic even by the standards of mid-century bohemianism, the show will notably include a host of Beat women, including Joanne Kyger and Diane di Prima, along with the alpha males.
A left-leaning libertarian, disenchanted with the war--he was a conscientious objector--Rexroth established a number of the institutions that made Bay Area Bohemianism cohere.