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And this at, the end of it all, lined with boilerplate that even alcohol will not corrode and that only alcohol will tickle.
the problem of manual implementation of patterns, resulting in boilerplate code
The choice of governing law and even the boilerplate language itself can impact fundamental issues relating to the agreement the parties have reached (or, at least, the agreement they thought they had reached).
It views the exercise of boilerplate contracting as anything but a dignified, autonomous agreement.
I noted with interest that the Women's Day order form includes the now-familiar boilerplate, "Occasionally we give permission to qualified organizations to mail to our subscribers.
Open any labor contract and the language contained in it has boilerplate language.
Content library--the central storage for reusable boilerplate text and graphics (e.
delegation tried determinedly to edit the conference's boilerplate draft declaration of support for the Cairo consensus by deleting references to reproductive health, family planning services, sexual health, and condoms, among other changes.
Negotiating and Drafting Contract Boilerplate (Tina L.
I know it's sappy, boilerplate, impossibly soapy, and woefully lacking in girl action, and I know that for all those reasons and more, liking it makes me a bad lesbian, but I can't help it.
Consequently, owners and managers should pay particular attention to typical boilerplate provisions and even try to enhance these clauses to include more substantive provisions customarily integrated into American contracts.
We contractors sometimes rationalize to ourselves that speedily produced deliverable plans and procedures--that have been made up from old documents, that is boilerplate, untailored to the present needs--might be an acceptable business practice.