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(bok; bəʊk) ,




(Pathology) to retch or vomit
(Pathology) a retch; vomiting fit
[Middle English bolken; related to belch, German bölken to roar]


Past participle: boked
Gerund: boking

I boke
you boke
he/she/it bokes
we boke
you boke
they boke
I boked
you boked
he/she/it boked
we boked
you boked
they boked
Present Continuous
I am boking
you are boking
he/she/it is boking
we are boking
you are boking
they are boking
Present Perfect
I have boked
you have boked
he/she/it has boked
we have boked
you have boked
they have boked
Past Continuous
I was boking
you were boking
he/she/it was boking
we were boking
you were boking
they were boking
Past Perfect
I had boked
you had boked
he/she/it had boked
we had boked
you had boked
they had boked
I will boke
you will boke
he/she/it will boke
we will boke
you will boke
they will boke
Future Perfect
I will have boked
you will have boked
he/she/it will have boked
we will have boked
you will have boked
they will have boked
Future Continuous
I will be boking
you will be boking
he/she/it will be boking
we will be boking
you will be boking
they will be boking
Present Perfect Continuous
I have been boking
you have been boking
he/she/it has been boking
we have been boking
you have been boking
they have been boking
Future Perfect Continuous
I will have been boking
you will have been boking
he/she/it will have been boking
we will have been boking
you will have been boking
they will have been boking
Past Perfect Continuous
I had been boking
you had been boking
he/she/it had been boking
we had been boking
you had been boking
they had been boking
I would boke
you would boke
he/she/it would boke
we would boke
you would boke
they would boke
Past Conditional
I would have boked
you would have boked
he/she/it would have boked
we would have boked
you would have boked
they would have boked
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The wagons will be used for transporting bauxite from the Dian-Dian deposit in the Boke region.
Ntimaru East MCA Augustine Mwera and his Ntimaru West counterpart Francis Boke said Marwa's appointment to the "powerful and crucial docket is a clear testimony" of rewards for backing Jubilee Party in the last general election.
This is an ambitious plan for the Boke region and it will contribute to Guinea's continued economic and social development, explained Frederic Bouzigues, managing director, SMB.
The National Office of Professional Training (ONFPP in French), in partnership with the Guinean government's Delivery Unit (DU), completed a training program for business leaders from 25 Micro, Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (MSMEs) in the region of Boke, one of the country's resource-rich provinces.
Parker in the new "Baywatch" film, dated the actor for about a year before the pair boke it off mutually, according to reports.
GAC's bauxite mine is in the Boke region of north-west Guinea, where it holds a concession on more than 1 billion tonnes of bauxite.
Images of the city's bikes kicked within an inch of their lives, lots of smashed glass by smashed students and quite the river of boke flowing through what has become somewhat of an infamous area in our capital.
The development project is estimated to create about 4,000 direct and indirect jobs in the Boke region, increase Guinea's GDP by more than 10 percent annually.
Sensitivity estimates by prefecture for national call center alerts and local alerts in 12 prefectures *--Guinea, November 2014-August 2015 Alert source National call center database ([dagger]) Prefecture Confirmed National call VHF database center matches cases [sensitivity (%)] Boke 32 1 (3.
GAC, which possesses a bauxite concession in Guinea's Boke region, is a subsidiary of Emirates Global Aluminium, owned by Abu Dhabi investment fund Mubadala and Investment Corporation of Dubai.
CHP Deputy Chairwoman Selin Sayek Boke reiterated the details of the party's ambitious "Hub Turkey" project, which involves the establishment of a megacity in Central Anatolia with routes linking the Black and Mediterranean seas.
Selin Sayek Boke, deputy chairman of the main opposition Republican Peoples' Party (CHP), described the takeover of the bank as a "scandal" that would besmirch Turkey's international reputation.