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 (bōld′fās′) Printing
Abbr. bf Type with thick heavy lines.
Typeset or printed in thick heavy type.
tr.v. bold·faced, bold·fac·ing, bold·fac·es
1. To mark (copy) for printing in this type.
2. To set or print in this type.



type or print that has thick, heavy lines, used for emphasis, headings, etc. This is a sample of boldface.
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Noun1.boldface - a typeface with thick heavy linesboldface - a typeface with thick heavy lines  
font, fount, typeface, face, case - a specific size and style of type within a type family
Verb1.boldface - print in boldface
print, impress - reproduce by printing


n(halb)fette Schrift
adj(halb)fett; in boldface type(halb)fett, in (halb)fetter Schrift
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With markdown formatting, users can add italics, boldface or clickable links to entries.
Conversely, there are two safety focuses within the F/A-18 community that differ from my experiences in the F-15E: boldface and fuel awareness.
Beauty company BOLDFACE Group Inc (OTC BB:BLBK) said on Monday that it will be introducing its Kardashian Beauty brand into Mecca Maxima ad KIT Stores in Australia and New Zealand through an agreement with Cosmetics Cubed led by beauty industry visionary Jo Horgan.
based Boldface Licensing and Branding, will be allowed to sell out its existing products under the Khroma name.
Boldface Licensing + Branding is appealing an injunction that would bar it from selling the Khroma Beauty by Kourtney, Kim and Khloe brand of makeup.
The celebrity licensing and branding company Boldface Group Inc.
He is not a boldface name," according to a source, who added that the buyer will likely pay an additional 3 percent "flip" tax towards the co-op board's reserve fund.
While in the turning descent, I executed the boldface for hypoxia, which starts with pulling the emergency oxygen green ring to get known good air into my lungs.
Tthe Evening of Monopoly will be a major highlight of the fall networking season whereby boldface names from the real estate industry will rub elbows and dabble in a game of Monopoly with their peers alongside both current and former students of the Institute.
Both acknowledgement and denial forms will now specify in boldface capital letters that the mother, the presumed father, or the alleged father can request DNA tests to settle any issues regarding the child's paternity.
The book retains its format of boldface abbreviations and acronyms followed by run-in meanings.
Her final paragraphs should be written in red boldface.