bollito misto

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bol·li·to mis·to

 (bō-lē′tō mĭs′tō)
n. pl. bol·li·ti mis·ti (bō-lē′tē mĭs′tē)
A dish of vegetables and various meats, such as chicken, beef, and sausage, simmered together and usually served with a parsley sauce and mustard chutney.

[Italian, mixed stew : bollito, stew + misto, mixed.]
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You find it also in Bollito Misto, that classic Northern Italian dish of mixed boiled meats.
Tongue is one of the main ingredients in Italy's bollito misto - the French version is called pot au feu.
Or ask for the amazing Bollito Misto - poached chicken, pork, and sausage (yes, all of them) Italian-style, which has no carbs at all.
The December issue included features on duck, wild rice, vanilla sauce, the joys of fungi, flour power, bollito misto and more.
Zampone is also served as part of a bollito misto, which is poached tongue, chicken and shin of beef in a tasty broth.
In Italy, a proper bollito misto is the mark of a top class restaurant.
Perhaps we could go the whole hog and even add old-fashioned ham ribs and cabbage bollito misto to the menu - you can't deny it does sound appetising.
Sir Clement Freud suggests, "mixed with its own volume of heavy (but not expensive) olive oil it makes a wonderful and easy salsa verde for bollito misto or pasta".
Five-course bollito misto winter dinners (multiple meats and vegetables boiled together) are $49 with magnums of wine at 20 percent discount at Il Grano, 11359 Santa Monica Blvd.
That's my version of Wales' national dish, which can be found all over the world in its various forms (think of Pot-Au-Feu, Bollito misto or New England Boiled Dinner, for example).
It's an ideal opportunity to try out Piedmont dishes like agnolotti (pasta filled with meat), bollito misto (boiled meats) or vitello tonnato (veal with a tuna mayonnaise).