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Any of several moth caterpillars that feed on cotton bolls, especially the pink bollworm and the corn earworm.


(Animals) any of various moth caterpillars, such as Pectinophora (or Platyedra) gossypiella (pink bollworm), that feed on and destroy cotton bolls



1. Also called pink bollworm. the larva of a small moth, Pectinophora gossypiella, that feeds on the seeds of cotton bolls.
[1840–50, Amer.]
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Noun1.bollworm - any of various moth caterpillars that destroy cotton bollsbollworm - any of various moth caterpillars that destroy cotton bolls
caterpillar - a wormlike and often brightly colored and hairy or spiny larva of a butterfly or moth
Gelechia gossypiella, pink bollworm - larvae of a gelechiid moth introduced from Asia; feeds on the seeds of cotton bolls
corn earworm, cotton bollworm, Heliothis zia, tobacco budworm, tomato fruitworm, vetchworm - larva of a noctuid moth; highly destructive to especially corn and cotton and tomato crops
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At last the bollworm had attacked the cotton--the poison ivy was reaching out its tendrils to entwine the summer boarder--the millionaire lumberman, thinly disguised as the Alaskan miner, was about to engulf our Milly and upset Nature's adjustment.
For baculovirus production, the researchers have established eight insect cell lines from embryos and ovaries from members of the Helicoverpa and Heliothis species (for example, cotton bollworm and corn earworm) that damage cotton, corn, tobacco, tomato, and many more crops.
In the mid-1990s Lee was struggling to make a device sensitive enough to detect the dreaded pink bollworm just by listening for the sounds of larvae munching.
1974), pink bollworm, Pectinophora gossypiella Saunders (Gelechiidae) (Lukefahr & Griffin 1956), tobacco budworm, Heliothis virescens (F.
With the Introduction of Bt cotton, the worms are no longer an issue; substantially increased the yield; raised farm' income; enabled cotton crop to stay for longer period without fear of pink bollworm.
The crop remains safe from bollworm attack due to its in-built defence system i.
The VIPCOT technology expresses two insecticidal proteins that are highly effective against a number of important cotton pests, including cotton bollworm (Helicoverpa zea) and tobacco budworm (Heliothis virescens).
ARS researchers have participated in many other multi-organization pest management programs, directed against insects such as ticks, silverleaf whitefly, pink bollworm, and boll weevil.
USDA scientists in College Station, Texas, are working to harness chemicals responsible for this flower's perfumed scent to attract the earworm--also known as the cotton bollworm, tomato fruit worm, and sorghum head worm--to pesticides.
Pending regulatory approvals, these varieties are expected to be launched in 2012 and will offer cotton growers protection against key cotton pests such as cotton bollworm (Helioverpa zea), tobacco budworm (Heliothis virescens) and armyworms (Spodoptera).
and bollworm, Helicoverpa zea (Boddie) and pink bollworm, Pectinophora gossypiella (Saunders), in cotton (Milfin 1996; Gianessi et al.
Close-ups of 12-day-old cotton bollworm larvae on cotton bolls.