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1. A hole through which to bolt: found a bolthole in the fencing.
2. A place affording escape.
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The larger-thanlife hotelier reflects on his hedonistic life and how his Balearic bolthole became a favourite with legends such as Freddie Mercury and Julio Iglesias.
WEAPONS HAUL Rifles in Moutaux's Ukrainian bolthole
And when you step through the door of this second floor maisonette then it's time to enjoy a property ideal for busy young professionals seeking a bolthole in the heart of the city.
I'VE been in my springtime holiday bolthole for a few days.
It will, I hope, be a peaceful bolthole in a beautiful park.
Last week one of Salah's friends said he had been blindfolded and led to the fugitive's bolthole for a secret meeting - days after the attacks.
A source said that the duo is looking at flats in Regents' Park to use as a bolthole when they visit London.
Finally, Ho and Chung (2006a) continued their work and in the next paper, they offered the technique for global deformation calculation taking into account deformations due to applied moment or shear force and bearing deformation in the section web around the bolthole under the applied bolt force.
When he bought a cottage in the idyllic Suffolk riverside village of Orford, he hoped for a quiet bolthole away from the bustle of North London.
Open from 5pm - 2am, Tuesday to Saturday, Above 6 - with all its homely elegance, Central Park views and refined uber-cool - may just well be our new favourite Manhattan bolthole.
Now buffeted and embarrassed by being kept in the dark for months as the US closed in on the al-Qaeda leaders bolthole, little more than 30 miles from the Pakistani capital Islamabad, agents with the Inter-Services Intelligence directorate have begun to withhold crucial operational details about militants on its territory.
The ex-Miss Great Britain has been toying with the idea of moving to upmarket Chelsea for some time and has finally decided to upgrade her flat so she has a luxury bolthole when she returns to London for events and castings.