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Noun1.bolti - important food fish of the Nile and other rivers of Africa and Asia Minor
cichlid, cichlid fish - freshwater fishes of tropical America and Africa and Asia similar to American sunfishes; some are food fishes; many small ones are popular in aquariums
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El-Beltagy AE, El-Adawy TA, Rahma EH, El-Bedawey AA (2004) Purification and characterization of an acidic protease from the viscera of bolti fish (Tilapia nilotica).
TEDxBrum: We never doubted it and now fastest man in the world @usainbolt has confirmed it - Birmingham is the place to be #BoltlovesBirmingham @aakritik: So sure about relocating to Birmingham #BoltLovesBirmingham @KeithWilkoITV: No wonder, #Birmingham is the Bolti CSapital of the World
Entitled Bolti Lakeerain, or Talking Strokes in Urdu, this comic documents the issues, hopes and aspirations of the common person, adult and child.
1987) observed increases in liver total protein levels in catfish (Clarias lazera) and bolti (Tilapia zilli) exposed to zinc.
All that people wanted to know was how the film could talk: 'Gungi film bolti kaise hai'.
ASHITA Dhawan won a huge fan base thanks to her Malti Bhabhi act on Bidaai , and her trademark dialogue: " Jhooth toh main bolti nahi ".
The second book is Bolti Lakeeren, a young designer's project that employs art to articulate social change.