bomb along


w>bomb along

vi (inf: = drive fast) → dahinrasen (inf)
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Bayraktutan also said the suspects had spoken about plans to dig a tunnel and plant a bomb along the route taken by the US president during his visit to Turkey.
And the added advantage of my car was that it was all-wheel-drive, which means you can bomb along those forest tracks, too, and go where almost all other small cars dare not tread.
According to the sources, miscreants had fixed the remote controlled bomb along the road in the border area of Sipah and when the Anam Lashkar member passed through the area, the bomb went off with a blast.
OI carried the bomb along with my friend and placed it under the pipeline.
In October last year, Secretary Of State Theresa Villiers was targeted with a parcel bomb along with PSNI Chief Constable Matt Baggott and the Public Prosecution Service in Derry.
As for riding on the pavement or cycle paths it is impossible to bomb along because we are too busy looking out for pieces of glass and cars which park on pavements and in cycle lanes.
He blamed Taliban insurgents for placing the bomb along the road in the province 555km south of Afghan capital Kabul.
The incident occurred on Sunday evening when the militants were planting a bomb along a road in the Karez Doghi area of Pusht-i-Rod district, the governor's spokesman, Abdul Rahmand Zhwandi told Pajhwok Afghan News.
Yet, in November the North revealed a uranium enrichment program, opening a second route to make a nuclear bomb along with its plutonium program.
SPOKANE - A federal grand jury has indicted a Washington man accused of placing a bomb along the planned route of the Martin Luther King Jr.
On Sunday morning, Israeli forces, backed by tanks and helicopter gunships, killed the two Islamic Jihad members, who, according to Israel and Islamic Jihad group,weretrying to place a bomb along the Gaza border.
According to AFP,a convoy transporting Fuad al-Mussawi, a deputy minister of science and technology, hit a bomb along a road in the upscale neighbourhood of Jadriyah, in the centre of the capital.