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1991: After battling for 15 years to prove their innocence, the "Maguire Seven" were cleared of running an IRA bomb factory in England.
Gateshead Council has defied its planning officers to demand that the 289 houses built on the site of a former World War One bomb factory must include a number of cheaper homes.
According to Yoma, the operation also resulted in the capture of an ASG bomb factory.
Kincaid will release a statement on the controversy from former FBI agent Max Noel, who is "extremely disappointed" in Kelly's interview of Ayers, including her failure to talk about a Weather Underground bomb factory where Ayers' fingerprints were found.
BNA said the convicted men had turned a Manama warehouse into a bomb factory, where they had prepared explosives to attack security forces, civilians and private and public property "with the aim of undermining the stability of the country and harming its economic foundations".
Scotland Yard files have revealed she started a new life with Wahid and turned his house into a bomb factory.
Authorities last week said they had raided a car bomb factory in the southwestern city of Quetta, confiscating more than 100 tonnes of chemicals which had been used in recent attacks.
SPECIAL forces have raided a Taliban bomb factory in Afghanistan in the hunt for insurgents responsible for the blast that killed three British soldiers.
When they returned to Birmingham they shared their knowledge with Ali and used his council flat as a bomb factory, jurors heard.
Manama: August 1, -- (BNA) Chief of Public Security Major-General Tariq Al-Hassan announced in a press conference he held yesterday (Tuesday July 31, 2012) that for the past six weeks, the Ministry of Interior detectives have conducted an exhaustive investigation into the bomb factory discovered in Salmabad last June.
A SUSPECTED bomb factory was raided by police yesterday after "suspicious materials" were found in a house.
TROOPS ALSO SAVE CAPTURED POLICEMAN FROM EXECUTION NORTH Wales soldiers were among a contingent of troops who raided a bomb factory and saved an Afghan policeman from execution.