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1. A member of a combat aircraft crew who operates the bombsight and drops the bombs.
2. Chiefly British A noncommissioned artillery officer.
3. Archaic A soldier in the artillery.

[French, from Old French bombarde, bombard; see bombard.]


1. (Military) the member of a bomber aircrew responsible for aiming and releasing the bombs
2. (Military) Brit a noncommissioned rank below the rank of sergeant in the Royal Artillery
3. (Animals) Also called: bombardier beetle any of various small carabid beetles of the genus Brachinus, esp B. crepitans of Europe, which defend themselves by ejecting a jet of volatile fluid
[C16: from Old French: one directing a bombard; see bombard]


(Automotive Engineering) trademark Canadian a snow tractor, typically having caterpillar tracks at the rear and skis at the front
[C20: named after J. A. Bombardier, Canadian inventor and manufacturer]


(ˌbɒm bərˈdɪər, -bə-)

1. the crew member of a bombing plane who operates the bombsight and the bomb-release mechanism.
2. Archaic. artilleryman.
[1550–60; < Middle French]


- First denoted a soldier in charge of a bombard, an early form of cannon.
See also related terms for soldier.
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Noun1.bombardier - a noncommissioned officer in the British artillerybombardier - a noncommissioned officer in the British artillery
enlisted officer, noncom, noncommissioned officer - a military officer appointed from enlisted personnel
2.bombardier - the member of a bomber crew responsible for using the bombsight and releasing the bombs on the target
bomber aircrew, bomber crew - the crew of a bomber
aircrewman - a member of an aircrew


[ˌbɒmbəˈdɪəʳ] Nbombardero m


n (Mil) → Artillerieunteroffizier m; (Aviat) → Bombenschütze m
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Point-to-point international travel can be arranged for jet card owners through Bombardier Skyjet International.
The commuter trains will be built in the Bombardier plant at Aachen, Germany, with the bogies manufactured at Bombardier in Siegen, Germany.
Bombardier will participate in project management and will be responsible for vehicle systems engineering and integration, design and manufacture of the bogies, as well as the propulsion and braking systems.
This new order illustrates VGF's trust in the efficiency and reliability of our FLEXITY vehicles and continues our long-standing and successful relationship with them", Walter Grawenhoff, President, Light Rail Vehicles, Bombardier Transportation said.
The occasion was marked by a special ceremony at the Bombardier CRJ700 and CRJ900 manufacturing facility at Mirabel, Quebec.
Surveillance Australia began operating Bombardier Dash 8/Q200 aircraft in 1996 and currently operates five of the aircraft that have accumulated more than 70,000 hours of aerial surveillance.
The upgrade kit package is derived from the Bombardier 415MP multipurpose aircraft and includes autopilot, nose radar, flight data recorder (FDR) and cockpit voice recorder (CVR).
Ryukyu Air Commuter, based in Naha, Okinawa, was the first Japanese airline to order the Bombardier Dash 8 when it ordered three of the 39-seat aircraft in February 1996.
This important customer will be the first in Africa to provide passengers with the benefits of jet speed coupled with jet cabin comfort in this unique turboprop," said Steven Ridolfi, President, Bombardier Regional Aircraft.
We are delighted that Atlasjet is increasing its capacity with the CRJ900 aircraft," said Steven Ridolfi, President, Bombardier Regional Aircraft.
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