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1. Grandiloquent, pompous speech or writing.
2. Grandiose or overpowering expression, as in music or painting.

[Alteration of obsolete bombace, cotton padding, from Old French, from Medieval Latin bombax, bombac-, cotton; see bombazine.]

bom′bast′er n.
bom·bas′tic adj.
bom·bas′ti·cal·ly adv.
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Adv.1.bombastically - in a turgid mannerbombastically - in a turgid manner; "he lectured bombastically about his theories"
2.bombastically - in a grandiose manner; "the building was bombastically spacious"


[bɒmˈbæstɪklɪ] ADVrimbombantemente
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27) Once society has taken over the individual, society itself becomes subjectivized as proven, for instance, by the ideological effect of the "jargon of authenticity" which bombastically hails individual choices only to mask the powerlessness of the individual (28) in a capitalist society in which everything depends on arbitrary decisions.
Woodhull bombastically announced herself as the exemplar of her political vision in the 1870 letter to the New York Herald in which she declared her candidacy: "I happen to be the most prominent representative of the only unrepresented class [women] in the republic, and perhaps the most practical exponent of the principles of equality.
When Jefferson named Gallatin his secretary of the Treasury, Hamilton resumed his assault on the Swiss-born politician's origin, impugned his nationality as a source of malevolent intentions, and bombastically likened him to Napoleon Bonaparte on account of nothing more than their respective foreign births: "Who wields the sceptre of France, and has erected a Despotism on the ruins of a Republic?
A visitor who once saw her caring for such a patient, bombastically told her.
Using charisma to draw clients resonates with how modern Pentecostal preachers bombastically energizes their congregations and was inseparable from the actual ritual.
Even Trump's signature policy: Deporting the roughly 12 million people residing in America illegally and building a massive wall along the US-Mexico border is embraced, albeit somewhat less bombastically, by all but one of his remaining Republican rivals (Ohio Governor John Kasich rightly points out that the deportation plan is both cruel and not realistically possible).
43) Much like the arrogant Caesars of the French Senecan tradition, Alexander's often bombastically lists his achievements and believes to be entitled to rise above kings.
I have been informed by the people in Europe of their concern after they have seen a huge amount of refugees with the latest sophisticated communication instruments bombastically demanding to be taken to their requested places.
Replete with reminders of the darkest days of our modern history, this is bombastically Romantic material, to be sure, but whatever cautionary messages one might derive from it come second to a more nuanced and ambivalent meditation on the increasingly complicated nature of rock.
Like a king puffed up with absolute power, he bombastically challenges those who would question his authority.
Harlan Fiske Stone, another Supreme Court justice at the time, remarked in a letter to his sons that the palatial structure was "almost bombastically pretentious.
TAIZ On the night of March 25, Saudi Arabia began a bombastically named air raid campaign, Operation Decisive Storm.